Charging for the face against wrinkles and sagging – a powerful tool for rejuvenation

Exercising daily for your face against wrinkles is a great way to keep your muscles toned. Elastic skin and trained facial muscles allow a woman in her 50s to look no older than 35.

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This youth usually hides regular skin care, daily face-building, face and neck massage, a healthy lifestyle and many other factors.

How facial charging works on wrinkles

Effective gymnastics against wrinkles returns the ideal shape of the face oval, smoothes the skin surface by strengthening muscle fibers, restoring oxygen respiration and cell regeneration.

If you regularly do facial exercises, you can get a noticeable result:

  • tighten the oval without surgery;
  • accelerate blood microcirculation and metabolic processes in tissues;
  • prevent early ptosis – slipping and sagging of the skin, especially the gravity of the cheeks and chin;
  • saturate tissue cells with nutrients and oxygen;
  • improve the skin’s ability to get rid of excess fluid and toxins;
  • adjust the tone of the eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids;
  • form the correct contour of the lips;
  • strengthen the muscles of the forehead, cheeks and lower jaw;
  • get rid of vertical creases between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and other wrinkles, make deep folds less noticeable;
  • raise the lowered corners of the lips, removing a sad expression from the face, reduce wrinkles around the lips;
  • reduce pastiness – friability – and puffiness of the face, remove bags under the eyes;
  • change the complexion, giving it a healthy and fresh look.

If from the age of 25-27 you do not begin to correct small wrinkles on the forehead, then over the years they will significantly age your appearance, turning into deep wrinkles.

A set of exercises

Exercising for the face against wrinkles and sagging is performed in front of a mirror, especially at the initial stage, when exercises are just being mastered. Carefully study the changes on the face, watch the appearance and disappearance of folds. During exercise, be careful not to form new wrinkles.

In places where wrinkles and creases form, use your fingers to press down on the skin and change your workout to avoid unnecessary wrinkles.

Before doing the exercises, you need to warm up the muscles of the face and neck. You can practice both a complete training complex for the face against wrinkles, and individual blocks to enhance the effect on problem areas.

Charge against forehead wrinkles

A separate set of exercises helps to smooth out the facial wrinkles on the forehead, arising from frequent exertion:

  1. Press the middle of the forehead with your index fingers, parallel to your eyebrows, then pull your fingers down, looking up. After doing 10 reps, change the technique. Press harder with these fingers on the forehead, but now raise the eyebrows as high as possible.
  2. At this stage, the first exercise is repeated, but instead of the index fingers, the whole palm is pressed against the forehead, while the eyebrows must also be directed to the ceiling.
  3. Then a workout is performed on the upper part of the forehead, which will tighten the lower one. With your palms, you need to press the border of hair growth and pull it towards the crown and sideways, to the back of the head. Having fixed your hands at the maximum point, close your eyes tightly and move your eyeballs clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times.
  4. In conclusion, you need to open your eyes wide, raise your eyebrows and fix them at the highest point.

The main task of the complex is to achieve kneading and the appearance of redness. Expression wrinkles from frequent surprise can be rubbed with massage:

  • first in a circular motion from the center to the temples;
  • then horizontal lines in the same direction.

In this case, the skin cannot be strongly stretched, but only slide your fingers over it.

Recharge from wrinkles between the eyebrows

In the area where growth begins – the beginning of the eyebrows, press the skin with the pads of the middle fingers:

  1. Try to frown, and with your fingers spread your eyebrows to the sides, resisting their reduction to the center.
  2. Fix the maximum tension for 5 seconds, and then relax the eyebrow.
  3. Repeat 8-10 times.

Recharge for wrinkles around the eyes

To smooth out the “crow’s feet” – the first harbingers of age-related changes, tighten the eyelids and remove the puffiness in the form of bags under the eyes using 5 simple exercises:

  1. The warm-up begins by gently stretching the skin towards the temples with the little fingers to tighten the muscles around the eyes. In this case, you can not strongly stretch the epidermis and squint, otherwise the bags will begin to form faster. You need to look strictly directly at distant objects.
  2. Squeeze the eyelids tightly, closing the eyes, but do not squint so that additional wrinkles do not appear on the bridge of the nose. In this position, tighten the eyelids, fix and relax at a slow pace.
  3. Open your eyes with maximum eyelid tension, hold a little and relieve muscle tension.
  4. Again, open the eyes as much as possible, with the index and middle fingers form a “tick”, pressing the middle to the bridge of the nose, and the index to the outer edge of the eyebrow. Pressing lightly on the skin, pull the eyebrows up, and cover your eyes at this time, maintaining tension.
  5. Perform several repetitions, rolling your eyes upward as much as possible and fixing on a pause, then lowering them down and holding them on a pause.

Cheek lift charger

exercising for the face against wrinkles and sagging will help tighten the cheeks

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Over the years, under the influence of gravity, the cheeks “slide” down, expanding the chin and changing the contours of the face not for the better. To maintain an attractive oval shape, you should perform a set of effective exercises recommended by the best cosmetologists:

  1. Inflate your cheeks as much as possible and fix the “ball” in a static position. While holding the air, tap your cheeks with your fingers every 2 seconds. Repeat 10-12 times.
  2. Compressing lips and teeth, smiling, stretching the corners of the lips without opening them. At this time, the cheekbones should work together with the cheeks.
  3. Round your mouth to pronounce the sound “o”, fix the position for half a minute and do not breathe. Then relax the muscles for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise again. If you do it 10-15 times daily, then sagging cheeks will become impossible.
  4. An effective exercise is to sit in a chair with your head tilted far back to feel the tension in the front of the neck. Then you need to fold your lips with a tube and stay in this position for 30 seconds.

Recharge from nasolabial wrinkles

To smooth the “nasolabial” you need to press your lips to your teeth and form a tube to make the sound “y”. But while remaining in this position, it is necessary to pronounce the sound “o” and slightly wrinkle your nose, as if sniffing. Repeat 15–20 times.

Chin Lift Charging

To tighten the lower part of the face and neck, as well as get rid of the “second” chin, you need to cross your arms in front of you, grab your neck on both sides, pulling it forward:

  1. Smile broadly without opening your lips.
  2. Take out the tip of your tongue and touch it to the nose.
  3. Shake your head left and right 15–20 times.

Charging against wrinkles on the neck

  1. Having closed your teeth tightly, throw your head back far back, stretching the back of your head to your shoulder blades. Keep your neck and shoulders tense at this time.
  2. Place your hands on your neck so that one is on top of the other. Slowly rotate the neck to the sides, resisting with your hands.
  3. The same, but head up and down movement.
  4. Tilt your head forward with your arms down and your shoulders relaxed. Turn your head to your left shoulder and press it back slightly. Repeat the exercise in a mirror image for the right side.

Training frequency

The systematic implementation of the entire complex of gymnastics from wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as individual blocks for problem areas, can occur in the morning or evening. It takes a little time, about 20-30 minutes.

If you need a quick effect, you will have to change the intensity, duration and variation of the exercises. After strenuous workouts, you need to do 2-3 relaxation exercises so that there are no spasms.

How soon will the result be visible?

If you do exercises daily for 15-30 minutes, then in 2-3 weeks the first effect will be noticeable. A more stable result will take hold in 2-3 months. But it must be remembered that as soon as the “lazy” period comes and is not up to charging, then age-related skin changes will begin to return again.


Face building is a useful activity for toning muscles and rejuvenating the face. But it cannot be practiced when:

  • hypertension;
  • herpes;
  • open wounds, abrasions and cuts;
  • purulent form of acne;
  • sunburn;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • oncology;
  • allergic sensitivity.

When performing exercises for the face from wrinkles, you need to monitor posture and breathing, strain only active muscles, and keep the rest in a relaxed state, after contraction, release each muscle and relieve spasm. The main thing is to choose an individual complex and regularly change its intensity. After charging, you need to massage with warm hands and treat all areas with a moisturizer.

Useful video about gymnastics for the face from wrinkles

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