Chaumet revolutionizes the bridal by launching its “demand ring”

A trendy hybrid, designed by the Chaumet house to play down the dreaded purchase of the traditional diamond engagement ring. Explanations.

At a time when many are now reluctant to change the contours of their engagement rings (often inherited or chosen ten years earlier as a reflection of a previous situation) to embrace their new desires, the Chaumet house is unveiling a new bridal allure more that intriguing. A “request ring” with an evocative name to declare your love differently.

A two-in-one concept

Joséphine Eclat d'Eternité ring in white gold and diamonds, Chaumet

Joséphine Eclat d’Eternité ring in white gold and diamonds, Chaumet

Chaumet / Photo press

Concretely, this miniature solitaire can be worn on its own on the skin, a nice intermediary offered as a prelude to another more substantial piece of jewelry, unless it is paired with another thinner wedding ring for discreet wear, calibrated for everyday use. Unless you prefer to slip this accumulating diamond between a wedding ring and a third solitaire to boost the volume and meaning of this evolving neo set of rings. Rarely will the engagement ring horizon have bent so much to new ideas and experimentation. Case to be continued.


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