Choosing a wedding dress for a wedding

The modern bride is free to choose any wedding dress and not even a dress, but a wedding trouser suit. But if you plan to get married in a church, certain rules must be followed. These rules are written on the doors of all temples and monasteries, but every day many girls break them.

Don’t feel like obeying church rules and generally don’t like being told how to dress? This is quite understandable, but then why go to church and even more so get married? The Church requires us to observe a number of rules for the convenience of all worshipers during worship and for the benefit of our spiritual life.

If you are not familiar with the basics of spiritual life, you should not rush to the wedding, it is better to just live in a civil marriage, but along the way read spiritual books, watch lectures by professors of theology, for example, Alexei Ilyich Osipov, and then, when you understand the need for church rules, go to the wedding …

What wedding dress to choose for a church wedding?

In fact, there is nothing difficult here! Buy a dress from any fashion house, the main thing is that the length is below the knee, and there are at least short sleeves. In addition, for a church wedding, it is unacceptable to wear a transparent dress, models with a neckline and an open back.

There are a lot of moments in our life when you can be naked. You can wear an open-top dress to a party or a holiday, or anywhere else, but it is inappropriate in church.

The main essence of spiritual life lies in the struggle with passions; therefore, a wedding dress for a wedding cannot be seductive in any way. It can be luxurious and expensive. The Church condemns the desire for luxury, but on the other hand, the desire for beauty and luxury is not something bad in itself, the main thing is that this luxury does not rule our souls.

The ideal wedding dress for a church wedding will be a floor-length dress with long sleeves. Believe me, such a dress will not hide the beauty of the bride, but rather decorate in the best way and will focus on spiritual beauty, even if the bride does not have it at all.

Wedding dresses for church wedding
Wedding dresses for church wedding

About the attitude towards the church

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many people flocked to the church in search of spiritual life and the universal key to happiness. But then many were disappointed. People hoped to see holiness in the church, but faced many problems and vices. Therefore, many have turned away from the church.

Only in reality, all the problems that we see in the church have nothing to do with God and the true faith, these are exclusively the problems of people who came to the temple from a sinful and fallen world, because the church is filled with the most ordinary people who are born and grow on earth … Therefore, you should not strictly judge church grandmothers and priests, it is much more important to think about your own soul and judge your actions.

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