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The main favorite of fans of this ancient art is the yoga mat. It is the yoga mat that provides optimal adhesion of the body to the surface. And this clutch should not only be reliable, but also comfortable. Therefore, the main advantage of high-quality rugs is their pronounced anti-slip properties. In second place is elasticity and softness, providing a pleasant touch feeling.


It is very important that the mat does not stretch either in width or length. To prevent this phenomenon, well-known manufacturers install mesh frames inside the rugs, which in some cases are replaced with a strong non-stretchable textile base.

When choosing this product, you should pay attention to the smell – branded products practically do not smell, while cheap models can “smell” unpleasantly for the whole gym.

The best products in this category are produced in Germany and Spain. At the same time, the well-known Russian company Ramayoga recently presented a rug of its own production Pune, which is quite capable of competing with Western counterparts. The optimal thickness of models used for dynamic exercises is 4-5 mm, and for static asanas – 3 mm.

Choosing yoga accessories - tailor-made
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For regular cleaning of rugs, special sprays are used, which include antibacterial cleansing essential oils. As for the covers, natural linen products are considered the most convenient to use. Often, such products are decorated with pretty prints in the spirit of Eastern philosophy.

Yoga pillows, bolsters, and bags are three other products that help with exercise and meditation. In this case, preference should be given to products with natural filler, which is most often the buckwheat husk. It is this loose wear-resistant material that is capable of providing the pillow with the necessary rigidity and endurance for many years. It is good if the product is equipped with a removable cover, which can always be washed without problems in a regular washing machine.

The next group of accessories are bricks and blocks used to gently stretch muscle tissue. High-quality blocks are usually made from natural solid wood and covered with environmentally friendly varnish. Alternatively, the lightest natural cork block is available. Support bricks are made from EVA foam, an innovative non-toxic material that can withstand significant loads without deformation.

Choosing yoga accessories - tailor-made

When it comes to clothing, some people mistakenly think that classic leggings and tight T-shirts are the most comfortable choice. However, yoga, unlike fitness, requires constant stretching of the tendons and muscles. Therefore, in this case, it is better to give preference to loose clothing – wide trousers and loose T-shirts.

It is worth noting that today, special, open-seam yoga clothing made from natural materials is already being produced that does not restrict movement. And this direction is now rapidly becoming an industry trend. You should purchase goods for yoga practices from trusted sellers who have a stable positive reputation both on the Internet and in real life.


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