Christmas 2017: a perfect brushing for the holidays

1 / Preparation

For a result long lasting and shiny lengths, this step is essential. Start by washing your hair gently and, above all, rinse it carefully.
The rinse time should be at least as long as the washing time, so that the material remains light and easy to style. For the same reasons, avoid applying milk to your damp hair, as it tends to weigh it down.

2 / The formatting

Dry your hair with lukewarm air. When it is dry at 80 %, apply a styling aid, strand by strand: a mousse for the thick hair, a very liquid in case of thin hair.
Head down, with a flat brush, perform gestures in the opposite direction of the hair implantation under hot air.
Head up, pick up the wicks using a round brush in order to give movement to the hairstyle.
Heat up each wick well, then let them cool without touching them so that they keep their shape.

3 / Fixing

Spray a hairspray light fixation, or use a serum or an oil on the hair. The hairstyle must not not be too frozen. The good idea for a rendering more natural : drop the product in the hands (even hairspray) and run them over the hair.
For a more casual look, give your brushing a blurry finish by applying a little salt spray by hand, then scrunch the locks with your fingers.

Small variant: The bohemian tie

Credit: Elie Saab

Place a headband around the head, then twist your lengths strand by strand. Fix each of them in the nape of the neck, with a bun pin, in a slightly fuzzy way, in order to obtain a slightly unstructured set. If you want a volume effect, backcomb the ends before attaching the wicks. Secure with a hairspray.

The shopping you need:

Powerful. Pro-light 6609 E hair dryer, Babyliss, € 34.90.

Natural. Volumizing styling mousse, Patrice Mulato, € 18.

Disciplinarian. Extraordinary Elsève Oil, Fine coconut oil, L’Oréal Paris, € 11.90.

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Follow our video tips to adopt the right gesture for a successful brushing.


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