Christmas 2017: an impeccable straightening for a stunning party hairstyle

1 / Preparation

After shampooing, pre-dry your hair well before applying a thermo-protective product and smoothing, essential for tame them frisottis and preserve the hair fiber heating devices.
Work strand by strand, on hair almost dry and cold, to prevent the product from being diluted.
Then finish drying with a flat (or round) brush of large diameter.

2 / The formatting

Use a hair straightener whose iron temperature must be above 200 ° C to give your hair that desired chopstick effect.
Pinch each strand between the plates and guide the hair with a comb or brush for a straight look, without a single crease.
For a max volume in root, texturise them using styling powder that will loosen them and give them fullness in a jiffy. You can also pancake with a tail comb. Then take the ends with a straightening iron, wrapping the strands loosely around the iron, and stretching them outwards, to create a pretty hyper feminine movement.

3 / Fixing

Once the smoothing is done, spray a lacquer veil in the palm of your hands and place them on the hair. To finish, apply a anti-frizz serum, insisting on the ends so that they are very smooth.
If they are damaged, consider having them cut by your hairdresser a few days before.

Small variation: the graphic bun

– Separate the hair into three parts.
– Draw two side stripes. Start in the middle of the forehead, so that draw a “V” in the center of the head.
Plate the strands above using a gel or a serum, then tie the lengths in round bun at the top of the head.
– For a festive touch, apply a few glitter or pigments along the two lines, before fixing them with a lacquer.

The shopping you need:

Protective. Thermal protection spray, Balmain, 22,50 €.

Without rinsing. Frizz Eraser, Disciplining Serum Spray, Franck Provost, 6,30 €.

Fork protection. Sublime ends straightener, Philips, 54,99 €.

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