Classics and passion: the best manicure ideas in red

Red manicure has long been considered a real classic and does not go out of fashion. It is appropriate for almost any situation. For a business look, it is better to choose more muted and restrained shades, for everyday you can prefer brighter coral and scarlet colors. Red nails look good even in a sporty style. Many women love red nails. After all, it looks both restrained and solemn. We decided to choose for you the most interesting ideas for fashionable manicure in red shades for 2020.

The most fashionable shades of red

Red color is loved by women who are self-confident, passionate, creative personalities who love to conquer and be remembered. But red, as you know, can be of various shades. Some of them are suitable for young girls and fit into a romantic look. Others will look great on business women. Red color will not spoil even older ladies, if it is chosen correctly. Here are the trendiest and most relevant shades of red for 2020:

  • scarlet: bright and fairly light red with a pronounced orange undertone;
  • coral: if you add a little pink to the scarlet, which muffles the brightness of the orange undertone, you get exactly coral;
  • ruby: a classic red color, quite dark, but at the same time bright and rich, the most popular in manicure;
  • wine: this color is often called “sangria” by the name of Spanish wine, the dark color of a noble drink;
  • Marsala: a kind of wine shade, but even darker, almost the color of overripe cherry;
  • terracotta: brown-orange, brick-colored, not as bright as orange, but with a warm undertone;
  • titian: a chocolate brown color that has a reddish undertone
  • madder: red with a pronounced cold, pinkish-purple undertone.

As you can see, there are many shades! And anyone, even a novice manicure master, will definitely offer you at least 5 shades of red. There are plenty to choose from. But what design to choose for your nails? We offer the most relevant options for 2020.

Classic red manicure

It means covering the nail plate with red varnish completely, without any design or mixing of shades. This is a great option for every day and for any look. A red manicure does not have to be suitable for any item in clothes. It is versatile and matches any shade of clothing and accessories you choose.

The main requirement in a classic red finish is a perfectly flat nail plate and correct shape. After all, if under the design and decor it is possible to hide some imperfections or defects in shape and unevenness, then a monochromatic coating, on the contrary, will give them away. If we talk about red gel polish, as a rule, a well-pigmented coating is quite thick and even “capricious” in application. Therefore, you need to be very careful with red.

French manicure

The red jacket is by no means a novelty, but it is still relevant today. In this case, there can be many options for a red jacket. It can be a red “smile” on a transparent or nude base of the nail plate. This can be the very base of the nail plate, and the smile is made in a different color. The mixing of red shades in one French manicure design looks very interesting. Another fashionable option: a jacket in a single red color using a glossy background and a matte smile (or vice versa).

Moon red

Favorite manicure of Dita von Teese, which the burlesque diva has not changed for more than a decade! It is not surprising, because this manicure, along with the classic red, has also become a real classic. They loved to do such a manicure back in the 50-60s, and since then it has not lost its relevance. Why do modern women love him? First of all, for practicality. If you completely cover the nail plate with varnish, then the nail growth line will be quite noticeable. While the transparent hole of the nail, free from the coating, will allow you to wear it as long as possible.

With gold and silver

A rather bold and bright option, but it can look really beautiful and noble. Remember that you need to choose gold or silver in the color of your manicure in accordance with the jewelry you are used to wearing, especially when it comes to rings and bracelets. If you don’t wear jewelry at all, start from the base red: if it’s with a cold undertone, prefer silver, if with a warm one, choose gold.

There can be many design options for a red manicure with gold or silver. The most common is to apply the classic red coat on most fingernails, and highlight only one or two with gold / silver. You can draw drawings on a red background (geometry, flowers, dots, etc.). You can use glitter polish to create a French manicure in combination with red.

Foamy red manicure

One of the most fashionable and relevant nail design options today is a foam manicure or bubbles nails, bubbly foam. The unusual texture of foam or soap bubbles created on the nails looks especially good in red shades. How is this manicure created? Craftsmen use special foam, and ordinary soap is quite suitable for a home version of a foam manicure.

Cover your nails with nail polish or gel polish. Apply a top clear coat on top, but if it is gel polish, then do not cure the top coat in the lamp. Beat the lather with a sponge, take the required amount of lather on a brush and apply to the nail. Now dry in the lamp. We recommend drying each nail separately, as the bubbles burst quickly. Cover the top with another layer of top and dry.

Red manicure with rhinestones

This option will definitely add solemnity to the image. But in the case of rhinestones and stones, it is very important not to overdo it. Especially if your nails are long: as we already wrote, too long red nails are no longer in trend today. For designs in red and with rhinestones, it is better to prefer the medium length and almond shape, and for the short ones, the square one will be the best.

Pick up rhinestones in transparent white color, without “petrol” overflows, otherwise the design will look vulgar. Rhinestones will look great, dotted on a matte red finish: this will not create excessive gloss. Remember: the less gloss, the better, unless we are talking about a manicure for the New Year or some special celebration.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva


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