Clear contours: choosing eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow make-up has long become an indispensable part when creating any look – both daytime and evening. Find out which eyebrow makeup products are the most needed

Eyebrow pencil

This is perhaps the most convenient way to thicken and make up your eyebrows. With a brush, which is usually located on the other side of the pencil, you can quickly comb your eyebrows and thus give them a neat look. With a pencil lead, you will select the outline, and also fill in the gaps inside it to visually make the eyebrows thicker. When choosing an eyebrow pencil, check out Le Crayon Sourcils by Lancôme. How to choose the shade of the product, we told in this material.

Eyebrow shadow

It is the shadows that are preferred by most professional makeup artists. Such love for them is explained by the fact that with the help of shadows when correcting eyebrows, you can get the most natural result. There will be no effect of the eyebrows drawn with a marker. On the contrary, eyebrow shadows can be brought down slightly, making them a little more visible on the face, or you can highlight them more – for evening makeup. Volume, density, “fullness” – that’s what you can get in eyebrow makeup thanks to shadows. A find for any cosmetic bag – the Couture Brow Palette with three shades of shadows, a thickening agent from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. By the way, not only dry, but also creamy shadows, such as Eye & Brow Maestro from Giorgio Armani, can come in handy. Their advantage is a more lasting result. For detailed instructions on how to make eyebrow makeup with pencil and shadows, look here.

Eyebrow mascara

Accentuated brows in one stroke – love mascaras for that. A convenient brush, on the one hand, applies colored mascara to the hairs. On the other hand, it combs and sets the eyebrows in the desired direction, and also fixes the result. Maybelline’s Brow Drama mascara is the perfect candidate for a makeup bag for those who love practical products.

Transparent eyebrow gel

It is an indispensable eyebrow styling tool. Comb, style, fix the eyebrows so that they keep their neat appearance all day – these are the main functions of transparent gels. As one of the best, the Brow Tamer gel from Urban Decay has proven itself. It “pacifies” the most unruly eyebrows and fixes the hairs without feeling sticky, drying as quickly as possible.

Brow contouring tool

This is not the first must have for eyebrow makeup. But this category of tools still deserves attention – “advanced users”. Those who are not against experimenting with make-up should try eyebrow contouring. This is a make-up technique, according to which the inner edge of the eyebrows is made a little lighter, and the break and “ponytail” are made darker. In addition, when contouring with a highlighter, they brighten the skin above and below the eyebrows to make them stand out more. NYX Professional Makeup, which closely follows all make-up trends, has recently released Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour, a double-sided highlighter pencil designed just for eyebrow contouring.

All-in-one set

The best eyebrow products are multifunctional: you don’t have to fill your makeup bag with multiple tubes of eyebrow products. All of them can be replaced with one – for example, the Brow Artist Genuis Kit from L’Oréal Paris (read about other multifunctional eyebrow products in this article). In addition to the eyeshadow and wax for fixing in the case – tweezers, as well as a double-sided tool with a beveled brush and a comb-brush, which makes Brow Artist Genuis Kit one of the best eyebrow products.



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