Clothing style minimalism in the metropolis

Life in a metropolis is a pursuit of the future in the cycle of reality. There are many opportunities, many goals and objectives every day. A metropolis with its endless traffic jams, stress, bad habits, street bustle. Lots of coffee, little sleep. A lot of fuss – little awareness and understanding of the meaning of this whole race.

But how to stay in the resource, being in this rapid flow of the Life of the Megapolis?

One of the popular and effective advice today is to start life in accordance with the philosophy of minimalism. Moreover, minimalism, not only in terms of clothing style, but in general in all consumption, so as not to spend their whole life in a consumption race with the slaves of the system. It is important to find the very balance between internal and external resources, material wealth and healthy asceticism. ⠀

Here are 5 tips on how you can incorporate the philosophy of minimalism into your life while staying in the flow of Big City life. I will also tell you what will help you to live every day consciously and harmoniously. ⠀

Clothing style minimalism in the metropolis

1. State “here and now”

Try to live each day in full awareness of what is happening, and not chase after the shadow of the past or illusions of the future. So you can enjoy the events taking place in your life, you will begin to pay attention to the joyful moments in life. Slow down, in a word. This will help you start feeling life and enjoying the moments.

2. Reasonable consumption

Here, facts are indispensable. Did you know that making clothes is a waste of the planet’s resources? Even our most beloved cotton is not produced in an environmentally friendly way, but due to pesticides that, when they fall on the ground, harm animals and the entire ecosystem. And we continue to buy and buy things, store them in our wardrobe, managing to wear only 20-30% of all our things.

Clothing style minimalism

3. Flexibility and functionality

And here, let’s talk about the capsule wardrobe. Namely, about a wardrobe with a minimum number of things, but where all things are perfectly combined with each other and create the maximum number of images. 1 capsule = 10/18 items = 30/40 images. Do you think it’s difficult? Nothing like this. Very easy and even more practical. And thus, you will get rid of the next “I have nothing to wear again.”

4. Quality instead of quantity

This is one of the most important qualities of a minimalist. Moreover, it is within the framework of the metropolis. Here we do not exclude the consumption of the luxury segment, we can wear branded items, remain high-profile, or simply match our social circle. Nevertheless, the number of these things can be counted on the fingers, and the quality remains at its best. Over time, you will understand that with such an approach in life, inner space is freed (freedom of thoughts, interesting ideas, etc.), and also more time for yourself, family and friends.

Clothing style minimalism

5. Prioritization

Have you ever had such small and insignificant things take up all your free time? But in an amicable way, do you have more important and meaningful things to do? If so, learn how to correctly prioritize and solve problems in order of importance. Make a list of things to prioritize in order of importance. You will notice that things are going uphill, and small tasks are solved by themselves along with the more significant and important matters solved. This is how it works.

Thus, we see that adherence to fairly simple, but important principles can make your life easier and better. Minimalism here does not appear as limiting beliefs and frameworks, but, on the contrary, as a liberating tool for your conscious and resourceful life. Try to include at least 3-4 principles in your daily life, and you will certainly notice a change for the better.

Author: Artemova Elena image stylist and minimalist (@elenArt_Style)

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