Codependency: what is it and what does it lead to?

According to psychologists, adequate relationships represent calmness, interaction, acceptance and caring. Despite this, many dream of passion and storm like in a movie, which rarely ends as well. Such relationships are called codependent, and the other half turns into a real drug. And here’s what it leads to:

1. Disappointment

Due to the fact that you find for yourself constant inconsistencies with the invented image, apathy, depression, anger and weakness often occur. Over time, disappointment in your own life may briefly give way to hope for the future, but this quickly passes.

2. Out of control

Simply put, your partner will froze your ears to evil, just to create the illusion that no one controls him. Consequently, with your behavior, you provoke your soul mate into adultery, a mental escape from a relationship and other troubles. In this case, he may have not only sexual dependence on his mistress or lover, but also chemical.

3. Horror and fear

When a person fails to satisfy his desire to control, he may stop contacting himself and his needs. At the same time, regret about lost time, a feeling of injustice and resentment towards others will come to life.

4. Disgusting sex

Control is not always about totalitarian relationships; it can have the characteristic features of motherhood. When a man clearly sees his own mother in his woman, the desire to have sex instantly evaporates.

5. Irritation

It will not be you, but your partner who will freak out, because he simply does not know what to do with so much “care”. After a while, he can give up and shift all the responsibility onto your shoulders.

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