Colds, headaches, stress… Essential oils in my bath to overcome them

Hot, warm or cold bath? I adjust the temperature according to my needs

Before you even put anything in it, ” it is the notion of bath itself that is interesting », Explains Anne-Claire Meret *, naturopath. Depending on its temperature, the bath provides various benefits to our body:

  • A hot bath allows you to relax: ” It puts the internal organs at rest, dilates the capillaries of the peripheral network and operates a decongestion », Details the naturopath.
  • A cold bath will rather strengthen our energy: ” It stimulates the adrenal glands and stimulates circulation. »
  • A lukewarm bath will mean ” normalize functions, regenerate tissues and ensure a good balance of the nervous and glandular system ».

So when we take a bath, “ the body is receptive and the mind is at rest “: The fact of adding essential oils is then a real plus!

Essential oils in my bath: instructions for use

First instruction dictated by the specialist: ” Limit the number of essential oil drops you put in your bath, as some can be irritating in high doses. »Count between 10 and 20 drops of essential oil for a full bathtub. Second recommendation: essential oils are not soluble in water, “ dilute them in a dispersant “. Add for example 20 drops of essential oils in three tablespoons of your shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath or in some honey.

Which ET for what effect? « First, choose an essential oil that you like the smell of », Advises Anne-Claire Meret. The scent of an essential oil is very strong and can quickly become very heady (even sickening) if the smell does not please us. Our naturopath has selected the best essential oils to put in your bath:

  • Anti-headache, calming: the chamomile
  • Anti-stress, relaxing, sedative, analgesic: lavender
  • Anti-cold, ENT congestion, antiseptic: eucalyptus radiata
  • Antispasmodic, palpitations: ylang-ylang
  • Toning, ENT and respiratory infection (rhino, cold, bronchitis …): pine

Precautions and contraindications

Not all essential oils are recommended “chez la pregnant woman (especially during the first three months) or in nursing mothers, as well as on children under 7 years old “, Warns the specialist. Inquire. If you are using a new essential oil, ” test it a few hours before by placing a drop on the crease of your elbow and check that you have no allergic reaction ».

*Thanks to Anne-Claire Meret, naturopath, practitioner in EFT (energy psychology techniques) and author of the books “Naturopathy for Dummies”, with Anne-Marie Narboni (Éditions First, € 22.95), “Naturopathy is life! “ (First Editions, € 6.95) and “The miracle of the fast” (First Editions, € 16.95).



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