Colored hair and care

In pursuit of beauty, women change their image by dyeing their hair in different colors. But we often overlook the harm of coloring products to our hair. The structure of the hair is disturbed, it becomes dry, dull, brittle, falls out and is difficult to comb, and the problem of split hair is also common.

All this is a consequence of an illiterate approach to taking care of colored hair. With the wrong choice of dye and exposure time, you risk turning your hair of your jewelry into something that you will be ashamed to hide under a hat.

Naturally, no one wants such a fate for themselves, but it is easy to avoid it by following simple rules of hair care.

Here are some time-tested tips for caring for colored hair.

  • The most important advice is to dye your hair as rarely as possible, or use natural dyes (henna, basma), since the chemical composition of hair dyes has a detrimental effect on their condition and the condition of the scalp. If possible, the color that
    you received when staining, do not support with paint, but with a tint shampoo – this is a more gentle way of staining. You should definitely use special shampoos and products for colored hair, and avoid anti-dandruff shampoos, as they dry out your hair.
  • If you do not know how to properly lighten your hair, contact your hairdresser, or do not lighten it at all. Brightening paints contain many powerful reagents and, if used incorrectly, can cause severe burns and damage to the skin.
  • Do not perm dyed hair if you do not want to get fluff on your head instead. Naturally, no beauty, but the hassle
    hair restoration will be a lot.
  • No need to desperately dry your hair with a hot hairdryer, curling iron, styler. If possible, let them dry naturally. Use thermal protection.
  • Remember hair balms. Be sure to use them, it is desirable that the extracts for them are natural – the best is the extract of egg yolk, nettle, burdock, kumis or kefir.
  • Go to salons where you can get professional hair care services.

Never try to comb out wet hair, use combs with sparse teeth, preferably wood.

  • Do not neglect scalp massage, and in every possible way nourish it with special products. If dandruff develops, see a dermatologist, do not try to fight it yourself.
    Here are some simple tips. Do not be lazy, and give your hair 10-15 minutes of free time a day, take care of them – and they will thank you with beauty.

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