Comparison of the best curling irons

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To choose the right curling iron, many parameters must be taken into account. Here are 5 of favorite models. It’s up to you to see which one is right for you!

The faster curling iron: Secret Ionic Curl by Babyliss

Curl Secret Ionique, Babyliss

Equipped with a automatic formatting, the Curl Secret Ionique is the ideal device for beginners, but also for women who want curls, wavy or glamorous, in record time.

How it works ?

1 / Once the temperature has been chosen (210 or 230 ° C), wait for the red light to stabilize.
2 / Slide a lock of hair up to mid-length in the cylindrical tip.
3 / Press, the wick is immediately “swallowed” by the rotary mechanism.
4 / When the device starts beeping, release the hair. It is complete!

Most :

– 3 hairstyle options : wavy hair, loops tight or well drawn. You just have to choose the duration of the workout: 8, 10 or 12 seconds.
– A real time saver. With a traditional curling iron, or straightener, the estimated time to achieve a result is 20 to 40 minutes.
– The rotation selector allows you to wind the wicks to the right or to the left, as desired. Alternating the direction of rotation gives your hairstyle a natural look.
– A cleaning kit to maintain the Curl Secret.

The lessers :

– The choice of temperature. Even if the ceramic coating of the device helps to distribute the heat distribution, a minimum temperature of 210 ° C is still too high. A third choice of 185 ° C would have been preferable.
– A product that is not nomadic. The cylindrical part is a bit bulky and therefore takes up space in hand luggage.
– A device less suitable for fine or long hair. You will get better defined curls, and more plump, if you a mid-length or short bob, and a more or less thick hair.

Curl Secret Ionic Curling Iron, C1200E, Babyliss, € 72.24 at

The more professional curling iron: GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

Give your hair voluptuous curls thanks to the Tri-Zone technology of the Soft Curl Tong de GHD CurveR. Its 6 temperature detectors make it possible to maintain a equal heat of 185 ° C over the entire looper, during shaping. An ideal technology for rapid and harmonious styling, without risk of weakening the hair fiber.

How it works ?

– Tie your wicks above with pliers so that you can work the lengths below first.
– Spray thermoprotective spray on them, then comb them to distribute the product and eliminate any frizz.
– Insulate a strand 3 to 4 cm wide, depending on the thickness of your hair and the type of curl you want. Lift the metal flap of the looper and wind a strand, from your ear to the tip of the hair.
1 / Lower the valve, and make the looper a quarter turn towards the head, to get closer to the roots.
2 / Hold the device horizontally for a count of 5, then release the hair.
3 / Repeat the operation, strand after strand, over the entire lower part.
4 / Finally, shape the part retained by the pliers.
5 / In the end, gently run a comb with large teeth or a flat brush, if possible in boar hair, through your lengths. Fix!

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Most :

– One beep sounds when the device is ready to use, but also when it turns off.
– A safety delay which ensures that the looper turns off by itself after 30 minutes of non-use.
– Its diameter of 32 mm allows you to draw more aerial curls, but also to get as close as possible to the roots, and thus create a nice ball volume at the base, highlighting the cascade of curls.
– Its insulating tip allows you to keep it horizontal with the other hand during the workout.
– Its extra-long power cord which does not require you to stay next to the electricity outlet.

The lessers :

– A unique temperature. Even though 185 ° C is optimal and sufficient heat, some people need to use a higher temperature to feel like it is working.
– Its high price. But hey, we must not forget that this is professional and quality material.

We tested the Curl GHD Curve Soft curling iron. Quickly discover our impressions.

GHD CurveR Soft Curl Tong, 179 € (with heat-resistant glove) at

The easiest curling iron to use: Remington Curl Revolution

Curl Revolution de Remington

Don’t be afraid of getting burned while handling this curling iron. No need for a thermoprotective glove to wrap its wicks around the conical tip, or to keep it horizontal, because the Curl Revolution de Remington is a so-called “intelligent” looper. It is he who rolls up the hair, you just have to press the button.

How it works :

1 / Choose one of the 5 temperatures offered, from 180 ° to 230 ° C, depending on your type of hair and the desired result.
2 / Start with the wicks below, taking care to attach the front and top ones. No need to straighten them with a brush before curling them.
3 / Spray a thermoprotective treatment all over the hair.
4 / Slip a wick in the slit of the looper and raise it to the desired height for the start of the loops.
5 / Press the ring to the left, or to the right, to obtain curls turned inward or outward, as desired. The motorized cylinder starts to turn, rolling the hair on itself.
6 / Repeat the operation, strand by strand, over the entire hair.

Most :

– A rotating cylinder for minimum effort. It is he who takes care of winding the wick for you. In addition, its slow movement allows time for the heat to imprint its shape on the hair.
– Two directions of rotation for hair turned inward or outward, as desired. But it also allows you to alternate the direction of the curl from one strand to another, and thus obtain a more natural result.
– Temperature lock. 5 heat levels are available, from 160 ° C to 230 ° C. As a result, the locking option is a real plus to avoid false manipulations.
– A protective coating tourmaline and ceramic eliminates any risk of burning your hair.

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The lessers :

– The cylinder being a little thick, impossible to approach the roots and give them volume. If you have long hair, it will only be curled ¾ of the length.
– It does not accept thick wicks. If, to go faster or to obtain tighter curls, you insert too much hair, the cylinder starts and then stops rotating. Result, it is necessary to start the operation again with less thickness.
– Not recommended for those in a hurry. As the curling operation is automated, its speed depends on the goodwill of the device, and styling takes longer than with a traditional curling iron.

Curl Revolution Curling Iron – CI606, Remington, € 60.27 at

The tailor-made curling iron: 5 in 1 by Ckeyin


With the CkeyinR 5 in 1 Curling Iron, it’s loops galore at will. Tight, voluptuous, wavy … you can change your head as you wish by interchanging its 5 looper tips of different diameter.

How it works ?

1 / Fix one of the end pieces on the base of the device: the 9mm diameter one for pretty little rings, 19 mm for tight loops, 19 to 25 mm for plump loops, 25 mm for airy loops , and finally 32 mm for what looks more like a voluptuous wavy.
2 / Press the start button, the red light comes on. Let the curler heat for 2 minutes.
3 / Put on the thermoprotective glove, then wrap a first wick around the conical tip, starting at the top of the lengths and finishing with the tip. Hold the latter 6 to 8 seconds, the time to imprint its shape on the hair. Remember to keep the device horizontal.
4 / Free the hair, then repeat the operation on the remaining strands.

Most :

The 5 looper tips of different sizes for a tailor-made result. They are interchangeable during training, provided you remember to put on your protective glove
– The conical shape tips adapted to that of the wick. The hair is easier to roll up and maintain, not to mention that the result looks more natural.
– The protective glove, necessary to twist the hair around the looper, to hold it in place and to interchange the tips if necessary.
– There is a real result both on fine and thick hair, and, even without fixing product, the design of the curls is maintained for at least two days.
– A very low price for a maximum of possibilities (29.69 €).

The lessers :

– No valve – lever to hold the bit in place on the curler. You have to keep both arms in the air, and you run the risk of getting burned if you don’t put on a glove.
– No beep to warn that the desired temperature (150 ° to 210 ° C) has been reached. You have to even start the 2-minute countdown.
– 2 minutes to heat the tip is more than other loopers.
– No device is not intended to place the super hot tip that we swap for another.

5 in 1 Curling Iron, CkeyinR, € 29.69 at

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The cheapest curling iron: CF 2112C0 from Calor for Elite

Curling Iron CF2112C0

You dream of being able to display occasionally tight curls and nicely plump, but without investing a considerable amount? Therefore the Calor CF 2112C0 Curling Iron is made for you, a device that the models of the Elite agency use for their catwalk hairstyles.

How it works ?

1 / Turn on the device, then tie your wicks from above until it reaches the right temperature.
2 / Lift the valve by pressing the lever in order to wrap a not too thick lock of hair around the cylindrical tip.
3 / Release the valve and wait 3-4 seconds while keeping the device horizontal.
4 / Release the hair delicately by sliding the looper vertically downwards.
5 / Repeat the operation on all the lengths, then on the loose top strands.

Most :

– € 8.99, a mini price for beautiful, tight curls.
– A super light device which does not tire the arm while working out, and which can easily be carried in cabin luggage.
Its unique temperature of 135 ° C weakens the hair less, but can be frustrating for some.
– An iron support allows you to put the curler, even hot, anywhere, without risk.
– Its diameter of 16 mm form of real loops and not wavy. They are tight, and have spring as well as support. This small size also allows short hair to adopt curls.

The lessers :

– The valve does not lift too little and makes it difficult to wrap the hair around the looper.
– A single diameter of proposed and minimal (16 mm), suddenly, which is not suitable for those who want less defined curls. (You can relax them a bit by gently painting them with your fingers gently.)

Curling Iron CF2112C0, Calor for Elite, € 28.99 at

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