Comparison of the best hair straighteners

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For several years, the hair straightener, also known as straightener, has been in serious competition with the hairdryer, because it has made brushing much more accessible to everyone and easy to perform.

Which straightener model to favor?

But when it comes to hair straighteners, there is a choice, and even an embarrassment. To find the best model for you, first of all consider the size of the device, to choose according to the nature and the length of your hair. Then make sure that it is equipped with a temperature controller that is easy to use, so as not to weaken your hair. Otherwise, it can otherwise be programmed to heat to a reasonable temperature on its own.

What coating for my straightener?

Then be careful to choose a quality coating: the ceramic plates distribute the heat evenly so as not to weaken the fibers. Ultra-efficient but less soft with the lengths, the titanium plates allow fast smoothing. There are also tourmaline plates, a semi-precious stone naturally composed of ions, which helps to fight against static electricity and bring maximum shine to the hair.

What to do with a straightener

The straightening iron can be diverted from its primary use: smooth. It also allows to create quite easily curls or ripples. It is also a practical ally for creating sophisticated hairstyles.

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Discover our selection from € 15.99 to € 193.10.

Lisseur Keratin Therapy – S8590, Remington, 36 €

If it is possible to adjust the temperature of the device yourself (from 160 to 230 °), it takes care of the grain and, thanks to a sensor integrated in the plate, evaluates the humidity naturally present in the the hair to adjust the temperature and take better care of the fibers. Practical, it even comes with a heat-resistant pouch. Too bad on the other hand, it lacks the ionic function, capable of limiting the effect of static electricity.

Straight Care Hair Straightener – HP8321 / 20, Philips, € 15.99

If the plates of this straightener are of a classic width, they are long (10 cm), in order to straighten more hair in a single pass. Especially since with its ceramic coating, the heat is perfectly distributed for a faster brushing. On the other hand, the model does not have a temperature regulator and is stuck at 210 °. Practical, the plates lock after use to limit the risk of burns.

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Platinum White hair straightener, ghd, € 193.10

No temperature regulator for this model, the temperature of which oscillates between 175 and 185 °, in order to take no risk on the lengths. Downside, as the device is wider than the classic ghd model, it is less easy to obtain fine waves. It is also a bit heavy. We tested the ghd Platinum straightener. Quickly discover our impressions of this model.

Lisseur Optiliss Keratine & Shine Infusion plates – SF3122C0, Calor For Elite, 19,74 €

Its plates, made of a mixture of keratin and tourmaline, distribute heat perfectly and boost the shine of the fibers. Floating, they adapt to the thickness of each wick and perfectly follow the movement. Downside, the temperature regulator – which has 5 levels ranging from 130 to 230 ° – is badly placed and can be adjusted without your knowledge during use. It also doesn’t have a safety system to shut down on its own when not in use for a while.

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Steam Straightener I-Pro 230 Steam ST395, Babyliss, 95 €

It is one of the rare models to have a steam function with 2 pressure levels to better relax the fibers and hydrate them at the same time. Too bad the reservoir is so small, because it is necessary to fill it several times when you have long hair. It is also equipped with an ionic function eliminating static electricity, and a temperature regulator with 5 levels. Practical, it has a retractable detangling comb, which helps to discipline loose strands.

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