In this article, we talked about why you can’t hide your terrible secrets from your partner and hush up your problems. Today we will continue the list of factors that negatively affect relationships, because no one wants to lose their love.

? Pneglect and indifference

As soon as a stamp appears in the passport, and the relationship can be called serious, the partners relax and stop trying and work on the union, because you can not give flowers and not surprise with good deeds. However, things are not so simple, because relationships are also work.

At first examination, it seems that nothing more is needed, since now the union has become official, stronger. Despite this, I would like to say that any feelings are fragile and quickly flowing away substance. Where there used to be love, there is now neglect, indifference and maybe even hatred. So if a person is really dear to you, respect him and remember that you have to surprise all the time!

? Lack of sex

This point is especially relevant for those who have just moved in, because passion disappears when a household question arises. Instead of wasting time in solitude, you start arguing over who should be the first to shower or wash the dishes, cook dinner, and throw out the trash. Yes, the relationship is becoming more serious, however, you should not leave intimacy aside.

The best solution would be a weekend trip out of town, a joint trip, a romantic date. This also includes experimentation and variety in bed, be it an unusual position, sex-toy or some kind of story game.

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