Components of a harmonious wardrobe

A wardrobe is not a random set of things. Increasingly, when choosing clothes, we give priority to natural fabrics, basic models and classic colors. We choose those things that last longer, can easily be built into any wardrobe and will be relevant for more than one season. This is why a wardrobe structure is needed. Only in this case the wardrobe will be maximally competent and maximally “working”.

Signs of a harmonious wardrobe

  1. You always have something to wear. You don’t have to suffer and spend a lot of time to collect this or that image.
  2. You wear all of your wardrobe items. There are no things that just take up space. All things are used quite often and from them you can make up versatile sets.
  3. Each item has a pair, and each item comes in several sets. Therefore, before you buy a new thing, you need to think in advance with what it can be worn.
  4. All things adorn you. There should be no outfits in the wardrobe that you don’t like on yourself, and don’t fit very well on you.
  5. All clothing is modern and reflects your individual style. Wardrobe items should match your personality and personality.

Harmonious wardrobe

When drawing up a harmonious wardrobe, you can adhere to the following scheme: 60% of the wardrobe consists of basic things, 35% is a capsule wardrobe and 5% is occupied by the most fashionable things from new collections.

However, it is worth remembering that everything is individual and there are no universal recommendations. Therefore, before you start collecting a harmonious and rational wardrobe, answer your questions:

  • What do you like? What are the styles, colors, images?
  • What areas of your life do you have?
  • What clothes do you need for each of them?
  • How long does each area take?

Rules for creating a harmonious wardrobe

Consider factors such as:

  • Comfort
  • Budget
  • The impression you want to make on others
  • The quality of things
  • What decorates you

The main thing is to remember that you will wear a thing only if you feel 100% in it.

Inna Nechaeva
Stylist-image maker


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