Concealer: 5 misconceptions to absolutely ban

1 / The more, the better!

Faux. The idea that you have to put a lot of material to hide dark circles is wrong. Too many concealers may even have theopposite effect than expected and create a plaster effect (or “cakey”) and paler in dark circles and therefore attractwatch out.

2 / You must choose a concealer of the same color as your skin

The choice of the color of the concealer depends in part on your skin tone. Makeup artists advise choosing a product froma lighter tone than your skin color. Be careful not to take it too dark or too light, at the risk of looking sick. To find the ideal concealer color, you must also take into account the color of your dark circles. If they are purplish, opt for beige with yellow undertones instead. If they are more brown, a product with orange undertones will suit you better.

3 / It must be applied before the foundation

Two schools clash. However, the vast majority of make-up artists agree that concealer should be applied after foundation. The reason ? The foundation allows tounify the skin and to hide any imperfections while the concealer or corrector is used to solve specific problems. The complexion must be globally unified before gradually masking the localized imperfections that would still be visible or dark circles.

4 / You cannot put on concealer if you do not use foundation

Nothing prevents you from wanting to camouflage your dark circles, even if you do not use foundation. Indeed, if it is correctly chosen (depending on the color of the skin and the ring), it can very well be adopted on a skin without makeup.

5 / You must absolutely powder your concealer

This step would allow fix the product so that it stays all day. This involves applying a loose powder, colored or white, on the concealer, with a fairly thick brush. While powdering the underside of the eye may be suitable for some, it is not recommended to do it if you have very dry skin or fine lines in this area, at the risk of drying this out even more. fragile areas.



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