Concealer: should it be applied before or after foundation?

Concealer: what is it?

There are currently two offers on the market: concealer and l‘illuminator. “Sometimes there is a bit of confusion between the two”, notes Patrice Lepère, France Givenchy trainer. The difference between the two ? The illuminator is more pearly and allows to capture andattract the light on the shadows of the face. “This is totally the opposite of the action of theanticernes. Indeed, the latter “Is used to camouflage a ring as well as a task or a button, specifies the expert. This is why it is essential: it allows hide of signs of fatigue!

Concealer: how to choose?

First of all, it is important to choose the good concealer by choosing the right material. “The more the eye area the older the area is ”, begins Patrice Lepère. “That’s why you have to choose concealer very fluid, to be applied with a brush for example ”. Younger skin, on the other hand, can bet on sticks or cream textures.
Once the subject has been chosen, your attention should be focused on the color of your concealer. Ideally, take one from a halftone lighter that your face powder. But beware, “If it is too bright, we will have too much contrast and we create an unattractive white halo”, warns the make-up artist.
Then, the expert recalls the importance of “Undertones”. Indeed, in addition to having to be a semitone lighter than your foundation, theanticernes must also be adapted to the color of your dark circles. “If they are blue, we recommend that you choose a product with pink undertones”. Dark skin tends to have brown or green circles more: “The ideal is to take a concealer with beige and orange undertones”.

Concealer: should it be applied before or after foundation?

Before answering this question, it is important to recall the difference between the foundation and the concealer. This last one is “More covering because the mesh of pigments is tighter ”, but it doesn’t have to be thicker than foundation.
“I recommend put it after because the texture is finer than the foundation ”, explains Patrice Lepère. “The foundation may cause it to roll farther when you want to lay it in a specific spot to camouflage an imperfection.
The good method ? Unify your complexion with a suitable product. Then, you have to see if any imperfections still appear despite this complexion work. “So we only put theanticernes after, for an application precise and localized. Once your dark circles are hidden, the professional make-up artist reminds us that it is essential to fix the concealer with a loose powder or a fine compact powder to prevent material from shifting throughout the day. “You have to put very little and apply it with a large brush”.

Thanks to Patrice Lepère, France Givenchy trainer, for his advice.


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