Consuming junk food when you are pregnant will make babies addicted to fat!

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An Australian study is sounding the alarm: eating junk food on a regular basis when you are pregnant would make the unborn baby addicted to fatty and sugary foods.

All moms know that you can have strange food cravings when you are pregnant! Desires that become uncontrollable, even downright obsessive if they are not satisfied: cheese, pickle, pistachio, strawberry, hamburger … and even if we know that we should not eat for two when expecting a child, can we succumb to all our food cravings without impacting baby’s health? Apparently not! According to Australian researchers, eating junk food on a regular basis when you are pregnant could make your baby addicted to junk food.

Consuming junk food makes babies addicted to fat and sugar

A team of scientists, led by Dr Muhlausler, studied two groups of female rats during pregnancy and lactation. One group was fed a healthy diet, while the other group was fed a fatty type of food: hamburger, fast food … Following this experience, the team discovered that the baby rats whose moms were fed fast foods had developed problems with secretion of dopamine in the brain.

And it is this molecule, present in our body, which influences our behavior but also our way of feeding ourselves: directly linked to pleasure, dopamine plays an essential role in our well-being, but also in our motivation. Indeed, when dopamine decreases, the body feels less the “need” for fat and sugar. On the contrary, when it is high, it causes us to eat foods that are more fatty and higher in sugar.

Babies more sensitive to sugar and fat

This study reveals that fetuses, regularly put in contact with junk food in utero, have a higher dopamine level than those fed in a balanced way. They are also more sensitive to sugar and fatty foods. This would push them, from the fetal state, to turn to an unbalanced diet. The concern, in addition to the fact of “programming” the child to like foods that are too fatty and too sweet, lies in all that this will imply in their future eating behaviors and in the problems that this could generate on their health, and this, even in adulthood.

Deficiencies and poor brain development

If jun1k food is so singled out by doctors and other health specialists, it is because its consumption is responsible for many ills: high blood pressure, deficiencies, undernutrition, obesity, diabetes … as well as poor development. of children’s brains. This is mainly due to the ingestion of saturated fats (and especially to the lack of good fats, in particular omega-3), but also of excess sugar, which will alter the development of the prefrontal cortex. An alteration that will tend to cause bad behavior in the child, and the adult he will become: aggressive tendency, learning difficulty, poor memory, depression, anger, etc.

If this sounds alarming, it is quite possible to reverse the trend, as long as you offer your child a diversified diet, where fruits and vegetables are favored for the good vitamins and antioxidants with which they are full. But also by favoring foods rich in good fats (which we talk about in detail in this article) which will allow the manufacture of new neurons.

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