Containment: 3 makeup techniques to try and learn at home

Containment offers time to kill. You can then take the opportunity to take care of yourself by making hair or face masks, but you can also train yourself to acquire new make-up skills. Some techniques require training and time: here are three that you can reproduce very easily after the end of confinement.

Make-up at home: the smoky-eye

The smoky-eye, or “smoked eye” in French, popular. In addition, it can be adapted to several situations: light during the day, more intense and sparkling at night… It is infinitely flexible. If this makeup may seem difficult to achieve at first, it is not at all in reality. Here’s how to do it. Start by choosing the eyeshadow colors you want to use. The ideal is to choose beige, taupe and brown tones because they highlight all the colors of eyes. While neutral tones are good colors to make a first smokey eye, copper tones are particularly flattering for green and blue eyes: you can use them too.

Step 1: apply a special eye primer to the entire mobile eyelid.

Step 2: with a fairly thick brush, put beige eyeshadow all over the mobile eyelid.

Step 3: to create intensity, draw a “C” from the crease of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye with a darker brown. Then lightly blend the color along the mobile eyelid.

Step 4: with a fine bevelled brush, take some brown eyeshadow and drop some flush with the lashes of the lower eyelid to give a smoky smoky effect.

Step 5: just below the browbone, apply a light shadow to enlarge the eyes. Then put on your mascara and you’re done!

Make-up at home: the thick liner

Who doesn’t dream of knowing how to make doe eyes? The eyeliner allowsintensify the gaze while lengthening the eye. But a nice line of eyeliner can be complicated to achieve if you are not used to doing it on a daily basis. We give you our method to make a superb line of liner in a few minutes! Before you start, it is advisable to choose a suitable product, because some types of liner are easier than others to apply. To begin with, the felt can be a good option : it does not flow and allows a precise layout. Make a fairly fine line flush with your upper lashes. With your eye open, make a small dot on the outer side of the eyelid in order to have a mark and know where to end the line of liner. Do the same on the other side: thus, the two eyes will be the same. Connect this point to the inner corner of your eye, then also connect it to a place at the level of the middle of the mobile eyelid. Fill the gap between the two lines and voila! Know that if the black liner is popular, the fashion is also the colored or flashy eyeliner: they give peps to a make-up. Are you going to dare?

Make-up at home: light and easy contouring

The contouring plays with the shadows and lights of the face. This make-up technique, originally used on stars for fashion photos or in films, has gradually become more democratic to arrive in our make-up habits. Why learn to contour? Because it can highlight your face in seconds and correct parts of your face that you don’t like, without surgery. Warning: there is no question of making too much contouring the first time, at the risk of doing it badly. A simple technique allows it to be adopted during the day in an ultra-natural way. If your goal is to bulge your cheekbones, use dark powder and apply it with a brush: start at the level of the middle of your ear to reach the middle of the cheek. Blend well. Then take your highlighter and put some on your cheekbone to draw light on it. Do you want to highlight your jawline? The dark stick is put on and should blend well with the rest of your complexion. Are you going to try these makeup techniques?



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