Containment: here’s how stress impacts each skin type (and our tips to remedy it)

The confinement involves many changes in our lives. But this is also true for the skin: the fact of staying at home, going to work with a mask, and even stress, have consequences on your skin, whatever its nature. Dermatologist and co-founder of the ALAENA brand, Sylvie Peres, explains the impacts of stress on every skin type.

It exists several factors that act on the skin during confinement. The first is the indoor air, “That’s why you have to ventilate well at least twice a day”, explains the expert. “Those who go to work with masks may also see imperfections happen because the nose and mouth area are confined under the tissue ”. But Sylvie Peres is clear: the first factor that has an impact on the skin during confinement rest stress. “Everyone is stressed at the moment because we are facing a virus that is not well known and that we do not know what tomorrow is made of”.

Containment: the impact on oily skin

Acne-prone oily skin sees their acne come back more and more imperfections appear, perhaps more than usual. And the main reason, it’s stress. Why ? The nervous system and the skin are linked, which means that an emotion can have a visible impact on the skin. Stress causes, among other things, an increased secretion of cortisol. Result: “The hormonal balance changes, the skin flora is unbalanced and imperfections appear”, demonstrates the dermatologist. Acne occurs on skin that already has an acne tendency. But stress also impacts sensitive and dry skin.

Containment: the impact on dry or sensitive skin

If you have eczema or psoriasis, you may have noticed them aggravation. Again, the culprit is the stress caused by the current situation. “The skin’s microbiota is expertly developed”, begins the expert. This is a balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria. Stress goes weaken skin flora and “Bad germs will take advantage of this to proliferate”, continues the dermatologist. If your skin is dry or sensitive, stress can promoteonset of greater drought. But are there solutions to keep beautiful skin despite stress?

Stress: what solutions to reduce its impact on the skin?

“You have to take care of your skin”, advises Sylvie Peres. How? ‘Or’ What ? “Whether dry or acne, the skin should be gently cleansed”. Exit the prejudice that says that oily skin must be stripped: it is necessary avoid aggressive cleaners. “It is then advisable to rinse everything with a mist of water to avoid the scale of the tap water ”. Then, focus on hydration by opting for a soothing treatment if you have dry or sensitive skin, and for a moisturizer for combination to oily skin if your skin is acne.

Yoga and relaxation can also be practices to consider to reduce your stress at its origin, and de facto lessen its impact on your skin!

Thanks to Sylvie Peres, dermatologist and co-founder of the ALAENA brand, for her advice.

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