Copenhagen fur auction announces closure: why it happened

The world’s largest fur auction, Kopenhagen Fur, has announced the closure – according to the company’s official website, this will happen by 2023. The reason was the order of the Danish government on the destruction of all minks in the country due to the fact that a mutated type of coronavirus was found in animals, which can be transmitted to humans. Later, a similar situation was told in the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy and the USA.

Kopenhagen Fur executives have decided to gradually cut sales starting in 2021: this season they hope to receive 5-6 million pelts from local producers, for supplies from abroad and for old stocks, and still hold the planned auctions. “Unfortunately, even the most powerful community cannot survive the consequences of decisions made,” – said the CEO of Kopenhagen Fur Jesper Lauge, saying that after the complete closure of the company, about 300 people will lose their jobs.

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