Coronavirus prevention measures and how to prevent this ailment

Covid could not be kept in the stall, so he is rapidly conquering the planet. It seems that the world conditionally agreed with his presence and we have no choice but to accept this new given. Probably, as we once got used to the flu, we will get used to the corona. Probably it is worth thinking about which coronavirus prevention measures actual to apply.

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Scientists around the world are working hard to get an effective vaccine and, possibly, the very “golden pill” that will protect you from all misfortunes at once. In the meantime, the point is, the editorial office “So easy!”, following the recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky, suggests such preventive actions.

Coronavirus prevention measures

The main and easiest way to somehow protect yourself is still a mask. Is not one hundred percent protection, but nonetheless. We also mentioned breathing exercises for cases when the crown still caught up. Another important point is not to panic. This also affects the general well-being and the body’s ability to cope with the disease.

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Prevention measures

There is no “golden pill”. This is the answer not only to Dr. Komarovsky. All people want to receive comprehensive information about what drugs should be taken right now. Alas, while all hopes are pinned on the vaccine, there are no other options. Just take it.

In fact, the only concern is the complexity of the course of this fever, and everything that you have heard about vitamins and zinc, which you will not find in pharmacies in the daytime with fire, does not in any way reduce the likelihood of infection. Vitamins can help in terms of complications, strengthen the body’s defenses to some extent.

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There is no point in taking drugs to protect yourself, these attempts will be negligible. So what do you do? Two aspects are important on which the ability to try on the crown depends – this is the concentration of the virus where you will meet with it and your own tone during this contact.

Constant air exchange

If you have a pre-cold or cold condition, the mucous membranes are dry, you are in a room with dry air, then all the conditions are created for the virus to multiply. Therefore, prevention is simple – fresh and humidified air and plenty of drink so that the body does not feel a lack of fluid.

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If you find yourself in a room where everything is clogged and there is someone who can potentially be a carrier, if you are there for more than fifteen minutes, then in this case there is little that can help. Once again – no vitamins and zinc will be able to save. It is worth thinking about how to humidify the air, here is the first thing to do.

If there is no humidifier, then at least put containers with water so that it can evaporate, this will slightly increase the percentage of moisture. And the general condition of the body, mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. Only after all this can you lean on various supportive drugs. It is imperative to consult a doctor on all issues, no arbitrariness and unnecessary initiative.

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Coronavirus prevention measures are constantly being supplemented and expanded, we will definitely keep you informed. If you have your own effective tips and observations, be sure to write about them in the comments. Be sure to look at this complex of breathing exercises and be healthy by all means!


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