Cosmetics with caviar: 5 reasons to use women over 30

The first signs of age-related changes are noticed by women from the age of 30. It is from this age that it is recommended to use caviar-based cosmetics for skin care. How exactly can such tools help, you can learn from this article.

4 types of skin aging

By the age of flowering, individual signs of aging are prescribed on the faces of girls. Cosmetologists distinguish between:

  • tired face – circles under the eyes, loss of skin elasticity, slight drooping of the corners of the mouth and outer corners of the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes;
  • fine wrinkled type – dry skin, fine mesh of wrinkles, crow’s feet, purse-string wrinkles around the lips;
  • deformation type – bags under the eyes, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, the appearance of nasolabial folds and marionette wrinkles, cervico-chin fold;
  • combined type – a combination of features of other types.

An annoying reality puts women before a choice – to submissively swim with the passage of time or to learn how to maintain beauty as long as possible. Those who are inclined to work on preserving youth will be interested to know why it is recommended to use cosmetics with caviar for anti-age purposes.

Saturation with nutrients

They say that the best cosmetics in nature are our blood, which comes into the tissues. Due to a decrease in skin elasticity, capillary fragility appears. As a result, the blood supply is slightly disturbed, the supply of nutrients to the skin is suspended. Caviar in the composition of cosmetics compensates for the deficiency of amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to this, metabolic processes become as active as before.

Active ingredients

Volume recovery

Fat cells are often perceived as enemies. But in the deep layers of the skin of the face, they must be protected, because with age they decrease in size, and as a result, volume is lost. This is manifested by sagging tissues on the neck, chin, and cheeks.

Caviar helps to correct the situation thanks to its physiology. Each egg in nature contains a large drop of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats to maintain its buoyancy.

Relief of oxidative stress

Protein and lipid components of cells are damaged by free radicals. If young skin is able to neutralize them, then after 30 years this ability decreases. Vitamins A, D, E in caviar deactivate dangerous molecules. It’s like protecting a crop from locusts: if you get rid of the pests, the crop will survive.

Cell proteins

Restoration of density and elasticity

The collagen protein is responsible for keeping the dermis in constant shape. Large collagen molecules are bundled together into bundles that resemble braids. These structural formations are located in the skin in orderly rows. Like mattress springs, collagen works a lot, constantly bouncing. But mattresses don’t last forever. The wear of molecules is accompanied by the synthesis of new ones. The synthesis gradually slows down, and the skin loses its turgor and sags. Caviar in cosmetics contains essential amino acids that restore the collagen synthesis process.

Restoration of the normal level of regeneration

The older the face, the more the dryness and roughness of its surface increases. The sensitivity to UV rays increases, the immune defense decreases. The vitamins and lecithin contained in the caviar smoothen the epidermal scales, and the protective properties of the skin are restored.

Cosmetic tools

The desire of women to look younger than their age creates a constant demand in the cosmetology market. As there is no limit to perfection, there are no restrictions in the choice of salon procedures and the variety of care products. Cosmetics with caviar is an effective way of skin care after 30 years, which helps to minimize visits to the beautician’s office.

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