Could Eve from a rib turn out to be brainless?

There was a time when mainstream medicine claimed that men had fewer ribs than women, due to the adventure that happened to Adam’s rib. The famous physician and anatomist Andreas Vesalius in the 16th century refuted this misconception. The pundit was an innovator and did not get along with the church, however, confirmed by research on dead human bodies, the discovery of the absence of the consequences of divine intervention in the structure of a man’s body was recognized.

Modern wits decided to play with the structure of the rib, but made a mistake no less gross than the medieval doctors. The rib is not a skeletal element that lacks a brain.

Rib bone marrow

Bone formation, which would be completely devoid of anything that would resemble a brain, is much easier to detect in the human body than to find a rib. By the way, any paramedic or medicine man is able to extract this very “crazy” element without killing the patient. And if our Aesculapius is patient, he will receive the coveted bone without any manipulation.

This is a baby tooth. Only legends in which someone would have been created from milk teeth cannot be found.

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Ribs are referred to as flat bones. In the same list with them:

  • Shoulder blades.
  • Skull bones.
  • Pelvic bones.

The rib has a spongy structure, where multiple cavities are filled with red bone marrow. If in the tubular bones (those that the layman always found full of reason), the contents during life are saturated with fat cells and “go into the reserve”, the red bone marrow from flat bones never leaves its post. What is so important he is doing?

Nobody thinks with bone marrow. This is simply impossible, this substance has other functions. It participates in the process of hematopoiesis, as it contains hematopoietic stem cells, which continuously reproduce blood cells.

As for the nerve endings that can be associated with brains in the common sense, they are located on the inner lower surface of each rib. The blood vessels are also located there. The strict localization of these important elements is associated with the second no less important function of the ribs – the protective one.

Functions of the ribs in the human body

Could Eve from a rib turn out to be brainless?
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In addition to the above task, the ribs play a serious role in protecting the vital internal organs of a person from damage. The flexible frame protects the heart and lungs from deformations and blows, does not allow the owner to bend so that it is difficult for these organs to work. From the back, the lower ribs cover the liver and kidneys.

Nature has endowed man with 12 pairs of ribs, which consist of the very same bone and cartilage. All of them are attached to the dorsal vertebrae using joints. Yes, these bones are mobile – it is easy to notice when observing a person’s breathing. The 7 upper ribs are adjacent to the sternum and form the rib cage.

There are times when from birth a person lacks 1-2 lower ribs or, conversely, there are extra ribs, most often in the neck. In rare cases, the only one needs an operation. Most often, such a character lives quietly, not knowing about his characteristics.

Maybe the doctors of antiquity were misled, regarding the smaller number of ribs in a man, having received a sample of such an unusual person? Or did they come across a female body with an extra rib (a similar feature is more common among the fair sex)? Due to the impossibility of frequently performing autopsies, they could describe a non-standard variant of the structure of the ribs, confirming the myth as the norm.

Interesting facts about ribs

Most mammals have one more pair of ribs than humans. If you come across a sapiens with an extra rib, then its extra detail is an atavism and can get the nickname “gorilla rib” from doctors.

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In the animal world, you can find living creatures that have found unusual uses for their ribs, or rather, the muscles between them. If we use it only for breathing movements, it allows the snake to move.

Is life possible without ribs? For example, looking at a turtle, one can assume that it lacks these skeletal details. Such a judgment is false – the ribs are the basis of the shell. In the course of evolution, they grew, losing their mobility, but increasing the area of ​​protection of the body from predators. Today the ribs of the turtle represent the lower part of the shell – a plastron, connected to the upper one, consisting of horny skin plates – carapace.

A bone that was considered brainless is surprising, but the logic of the Bible writers is even stranger. None of the scientific facts have answered the main question:

  • What made the ancient Jews come up with this story with the rib of Adam?

To understand the essence of the story, you need to imagine our distant ancestor – a veteran of the amorous front and a poet trying to describe the nature of his beloved. In ancient times, we were familiar with human anatomy in general terms, and they knew that the ribs are located closest to the heart and protect it. Here is the decoding of the symbol: it is the woman who makes the defenseless male heart beat faster.

Could Eve from a rib turn out to be brainless?
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Study anatomy, respect and love women.

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