Could minks be a source of coronavirus?

At the beginning of November 2020, the Danish authorities decided on the need to destroy all minks that are kept on the country’s fur farms. The reason for this was the facts of the disease of animals with coronavirus. The details of this story were terrifying and led to believe that the politicians made the only right decision.

If it were not for the already existing facts about the nature of the coronavirus and the methods of its transmission, one could rush to the closets, look for mink fur products there and burn them on the square. Panic is not the best adviser, but the undercover games of the powerful and attempts to misinform the population – the burning enemies of humanity during a pandemic.

Coronavirus in animals

The path of SARS-CoV-2 to the human population from the wild was tracked by Chinese scientists at the very beginning of the epidemic. The first infections were caused by bats. After that, a dangerous virus was found in pangolins, whose carcasses in the Middle Kingdom “heal” almost all diseases, and civet.

Wyverrs. Above: musang, common geneta; Bottom: Himalayan Civet, Binturong

Animal surveys in Wuhan have revealed viral particles in cats. Some residents of the province were quick to get rid of their pets, which incurred the righteous anger of feline lovers. Well, at least, these wonderful animals have many defenders, there are also doctors among them. Evidence of the impossibility of transmitting coronavirus from a cat to a person was found quickly and circulated quickly. As for other four-legged animals, the general public was indifferent to them for a long time.

Based on animal studies in the wild, agriculture, urban environment and laboratory conditions, it is known that COVID-19 can affect:

  • Primates.
  • Kunikh.
  • Felines.
  • Bats.

Cases of infection of dogs and hamsters are known.

Coronavirus in noroc

The first cases of mink infestation on European farms were recorded in late spring 2020 in the Netherlands. Soon, disturbing news came from several other countries. The animals were infected by people who ignored medical examinations, worked in a sick condition and violated sanitary rules. The Dutch, as the first victims of careless farmers, decided to liquidate the fur industry and destroyed all fur farms in their country.

Could minks be a source of coronavirus?
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Until recently, outside of China, the virus was transmitted only from person to animal. However, the Danes managed to change everything: there are suspicions that workers at one of the fur farms were able to get coronavirus from minks. By the way, before returning to the spread of the infection, the virus managed to mutate in the population of fur-bearing animals. This could happen only in the absence of veterinary control.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at a meeting of the country’s parliament on November 12, 2020 that there is no legal basis for the large-scale destruction of minks, which has been going on since the beginning of the month, but she will do everything to make it happen in the coming days.

To make people rejoice at her speech, the politician added that the “mink” variant of the coronavirus could weaken the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine. This information was provided to her by the State Institute of Blood Serum, which currently does not have sufficient information about the new strain and puts forward hypotheses about it.

The likelihood of contracting coronavirus from mink

The information announced in the Russian-language media about more than 200 employees of fur farms infected with coronavirus is a rough slip – the number of fur farms in Denmark was indicated as the number of cases. WHO experts are studying the health of 12 people who have undergone COVID-19, presumably infected while working with sick animals.

If not a single owner of a cat carrying the virus was infected with his pet, clearly not observing all the sanitary standards that must be followed at fur farms, then what happened where the workers got the virus ?! Before the pandemic, the farm where the emergency occurred had to turn into a hotbed of infectious diseases more than once. Have the facts been hushed up? Now the innocent animals will be punished, and the negligent owners of the ominous fur farm will once again avoid responsibility.

Denmark is one of the largest exporters of fur in the world. After the total destruction of the livestock of minks at fur farms, she will leave the race. For the voluntary surrender of one of the lucrative spheres of the economy, the government was promised financial support … However, politics and economics are not in my competence.

Should you be afraid of mink fur products? No, they are completely safe. Raw materials processing technologies and sewing time do not give a chance to any viruses that the animal could have. Even if the seller is a carrier of coronavirus infection, it will be enough to let the new thing hang in the closet for several days so as not to fear for your health.

Could minks be a source of coronavirus?
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Should you be afraid of the minks themselves? There have been no cases of infection of animals in the wild in Europe, as well as cases of transmission of infection from an animal to a person who does not eat the raw meat of a sick animal and does not shove mucous secretions found in the mouth and nasopharynx of prey into his nose. I hope that no one practices this.

Is “mink coronavirus” more dangerous than human? The observed 12 Danish unics are healthy at the moment. The rate of neutralization of the new strain with antibodies is currently being studied. Knowing that SARS-CoV-2 has already acquired a number of mutations that did not make it resistant to the vaccines being developed, the special danger of a new variation is one of the hypotheses, nothing more.

Protect yourself and your neighbors on the planet from coronavirus and bipedal exploiters, manipulators, sluts!

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