Couple: micro-dating, the secret to keeping the flame alive when you’re parents

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When the baby arrives, our whole daily life is turned upside down, and we may miss the time we give to our couple. What if “micro-dating” could help us keep the fire going? Explanations.

It’s no secret that the life of parents is (really) not easy. Between the management of the house, the children, the job, the agenda which only keeps filling up and the sometimes complicated nights, we run everywhere and we do not always have time to give to our couple. Add fatigue to that and you’ve got a deadly routine that can destroy even the most loving couples over low. But a new trend, or rather a new way of organizing one’s time, could spice up parents’ daily lives: “micro-dating”.

Micro-dating, the perfect concept for parents who want to keep the fire going

Straight from the USA (hence its Anglo-Saxon terminology), this concept consists of planning small couple moments in your agenda, like a sort of mini romantic date. To organize a micro-dating, no need to plan a babysitter or go out to a restaurant, the objective of these little moments is clear: to be with the other. The goal is to keep the connection in the couple, the emotional and sensual bond. And for that, no need to plan your day or organize an outing.

Regarding the times chosen, you just have to think a little to realize that you are spoiled for choice: a bath for two after the baby has gone to bed, a small aperitif when you come home from work, a small lunch at noon (if we are lucky enough to work not far from each other) or a little massage in front of the TV… The goal is to give each other quality time, together, even if we have little time in front self.

Advice from our expert

Virginie Motte, female sexuality specialist and coach, gave us some tips for successful micro-dating.

1. We really take the time for each other

The goal of micro-dating is to put our couple and our partner at the center of our universe, for a while. It is therefore important to really devote this time to each other. During this meeting, we do not answer the phone or his emails. The time that is allotted to us being limited, we take 100% of it to put magic in it, to find the other and make the most of the love we have for each other, and which makes us parents.

2. We find ourselves in a niche where we will still have energy

We all know that parents’ lives are very busy, but to devote time to each other, you have to have enough energy to deploy during this little meeting. We therefore avoid scheduling a micro-dating late at night, or when we know full well that we will be too tired to enjoy it together.

3. We avoid the use of the smartphone

Frankly, what is more annoying than spending time with someone who is on their smartphone? For a successful micro-dating, we forget Facebook, Instagram and all these applications to really devote ourselves to our partner. Talk to each other, laugh, massage yourself, and forget about the virtual world to focus on real life. A good way to disconnect from social networks which sometimes eat up our time unnecessarily.

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