Covid-19: the 20 French cities for which the scientific council wants to prepare a reconfinement plan in the event of a second wave

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In recent weeks, the health authorities have observed an upsurge in cases of Covid-19 on French territory. To slow the spread of the virus, several cities have started to make it compulsory to wear a mask outside, especially in busy shopping streets, in open markets or even flea markets.

Set up in mid-March, the Scientific Council’s function is to advise the government in managing the health crisis. Faced with the possibility of a second wave in September or October, the body published two new notices. In the one dating from July 27, she unveiled an attack plan for the 20 largest cities in France in the event of the virus returning in the fall.

Covid-19: the Scientific Council anticipates the second wave

According to scientific experts, the risk of local re-containment is great for “areas with high population densities”, because the virus spreads more easily there. “It is imperative to mobilize and solicit the local authorities of the top 20 cities in France so that they design and operationalize local intervention plans in the event of a health threat as in the case of the COVID-19 epidemic, like in what is done in the UK and Germany “, said the Scientific Council.

The cities that would be affected by this new containment plan are:

  • Paris
  • Marseille
  • Lyon
  • Toulouse
  • Nice
  • Nantes
  • Montpellier
  • Strasbourg
  • Bordeaux
  • Little
  • Rennes
  • Reims
  • Saint Etienne
  • Le Havre
  • Toulon
  • Grenoble
  • Dijon
  • Angers
  • Nîmes
  • Villeurbanne
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In its text, the institution also recalled the importance of maintaining physical distancing measures and carrying out screening tests in the event of symptoms of Covid-19. “The answer to this probable second wave will have to be different from the answer to the first wave, because we have the tools to answer it. It will have to be based on a political and societal choice and not just health “, warned the Scientific Council.

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