Covid-19: why Olivier Véran advises against the use of the ventilator?

During a trip to an Ehpad, located in Dordogne, Oliver Véran, the Minister of Health warned of the “first big heat wave of the summer”. This Friday, temperatures will exceed 40 ° degrees in several departments. While the cases of Covid-19 continue to increase, the Minister wished to recall the risks of the use of ventilators in the transmission of the virus.

In early May, the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) issued a notice explaining that the use of ventilators is not harmful to a single person in a room. However, these devices are dangerous when several individuals are grouped together in a common room.

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“The fan will brew virus and send it to all surfaces, the mask does not protect enough and therefore fans are prohibited in a room where there are people. When you are in a family environment, it is not the same as in an establishment where 100 people are at a safe distance all day and who must not be endangered by the use of a ventilator, even when it is warm”, detailed Olivier Véran, on August 7, during his visit to Dordogne.

The Minister of Health therefore invited accommodation establishments to ban ventilators during this heat wave period. However, he does not recommend the use of air conditioning. The risks of contamination by these devices would be very low: “Air conditioning does not pose any difficulties, it is the High Council for Public Health”, to Olivier Véran.

In a summary, dated July 23, Public Health France also explained that air conditioners must “be equipped with efficient filters and correctly maintained. They then make it possible to obtain “filtered” air which significantly lowers the viral load of the room if one or more infected people are in the room “.

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