Crisp and crumble: what’s the difference and how to cook them?

According to experts, crumble hostesses were prepared several centuries ago in Great Britain. Along with pudding, this type of homemade pastry was considered a favorite dish of the British.

Crumble is an English word, translated as follows: crumbling, crumb. Indeed, the name reflects the essence of the preparation of the dessert.

During the years of colonization, the recipe for this dish came to the American continent with the settlers and took root there. And already in America, a similar dessert separated from crumble, which was given the name “krisp».

The main difference between these dishes was that oatmeal was necessarily added to the crisp dough, which made the baked goods crisper. Some culinary experts believe that only pears, apples and quince were taken to prepare crisp, since these fruits also acquired crisp qualities during baking.

Thus, the dishes were similar, but the crisp quality predominated in the crisp. Currently, confectioners do not make any special distinctions between these dishes. Usually both desserts are served hot with ice cream, milk, coffee and whipped cream.

After reviewing several dessert recipes, you will notice their slight difference and great similarity.

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Let’s start our acquaintance with crumble, because, as it seemed to me, this is an older dish. Initially, it was prepared not only with a sweet filling, but also with vegetables, mushrooms, and meat.

Most often, fruits and berries are used for fruit filling, which have a dense consistency, then they do not turn into mashed potatoes when baked. But if you still take juicy fruits, then add a little starch to them.

To enhance the taste and aroma, depending on the compatibility of the spice and filling, add cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg. You can also use pieces of chocolate or marmalade, chopped nuts as an additive.

You can sprinkle the crumble with icing sugar before serving.

One of the recipes for apple crumble:

  • For topping take 250 g of flour, 100 g of sugar, 150 g of butter, a teaspoon without top of soda. Combine all ingredients with a knife until a homogeneous crumb is obtained.
  • For filling take 8-10 dense apples, sugar to taste – depending on the sweetness of the apples, cinnamon. Peel the apples, cut them into pieces, mix with sugar and cinnamon.

Grease the baking dish with butter, lay out the prepared apples, sprinkle evenly with crumbs, bake at 180-190 degrees for 20-25 minutes until golden brown appears.

An excellent crumble is obtained with a cherry filling. It is prepared similarly to the previous one, only in cherries (pitted), a little starch should be added so that it absorbs the juice.

Cherry crumble
Cherry crumble
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Some culinary experts advise to divide the sprinkle into two parts. Pour one part of the first into a baking dish, then arrange the cherries, sprinkle the cherries with the second part of the crumb.

Delicious crumble can be prepared from dense blue plums, walnuts are in perfect harmony with them.

And a few more tips: since the crumble is brittle, it is advisable to cook it in portioned containers. If you want to cook meat, mushroom or vegetable crumble, then instead of sugar for making crumbs, use grated hard cheese.

Moving on to the crisp. Any fruits or berries are suitable for the filling. You can use frozen food after defrosting it.

Consider the apple crisp recipe:

  • Stuffing we cook in the same way as for crumble: cut the prepared apples into pieces, mix with a little sugar and cinnamon, put in a greased form.
  • For topping we replace half of the required amount of flour with oatmeal and proceed according to the technology described above.

Apple crisp
Apple crisp
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There are enough detailed recipes for making these desserts with various fillings on the Internet. The main thing is that they are prepared easily and quickly. Even a child can cook a dish, and the result of such a culinary masterpiece will not leave anyone indifferent.

Good appetite!

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