Cristina Cordula: 4 makeup mistakes not to make in the summer

Advice from Cristina Cordula are precious. In fashion as in beauty, the expertise of the beautiful Brazilian is always good to take. In addition to posting looks always more trendy like when she dares the asymmetrical swimsuit with a high cut sarong, or when she adopt the military jacket with wide jeans, Cristina Cordula post des beauty videos and photos. Indeed, the beautiful loves to show some make-up sessions with her favorite make-up artist, the famous Tom Sapin. Even during confinement, the duo did remote make-up sessions, to the delight of Cristina Cordula fans. On one of her videos with the make-up artist, the bubbly host gets a bright summer makeup and the duo take this opportunity to give mistakes to avoid when applying makeup during the summer season. Discover them!

Summer makeup mistake: choosing the wrong dyed product and applying too much material

“Girls, in summer, you shouldn’t wear too much makeup”, declares the beautiful brunette at the beginning of the video. The key word for a summer make-up is therefore lightness ! Why ? Because it’s hot and a overloaded complexion is not ideal in this case. “The big fashion faux pas is to do thick foundation like in winter”, insists Cristina Cordula. Indeed, an overworked complexion in summer tends to become “Grey”, dull and lose all its brightness. The make-up artist also recalls thatwith the wearing of the mask, a heavy make-up is definitely not recommended. But that does not mean that the complexion is not to be worked: “You have to do it in small steps”, explains Tom Sapin. Opt instead for a very light tinted cream and apply it with a brush to avoid excess material!

Summer makeup mistake: forgetting the concealer step

If the complexion should be light, that does not mean that the dark circles should remain visible. Indeed, it is necessary to camouflage the dark circles if you wish, in order to have a radiant and more awakened look. In addition, know that your anticernes can be used for several things in summer. “I put the concealer on the T zone to unify”, confides Cristina Cordula to the makeup artist. The latter explains that it is a very good idea for bring light and camouflage any imperfections such as redness.

Summer makeup error: ignoring the tan

Once the complexion is unified in transparency, Tom Sapin uses a product to enhance the tan. Because yes, in summer it is important to highlight your tan and not to tarnish it. He prefers a creamy texture for a more natural result, and applies the material with a brush, making the famous “3” starting from the forehead, then going down to the hollow of the cheeks, to finish on the jaw.

Summer makeup mistake: skipping eyebrows

If you’ve ever seen Cristina Cordula’s beauty lives or are fans of her shows, then you know that the beauty gives a particular importance to the eyebrows. And for good reason, they play a fundamental role and allow them alone to structure the face and enlarge the look. So, out of the question to forget them in summer! Once the eyebrows are perfectly plucked according to the shape of the eyes, Tom Sapin advises style upwards with eyebrow mascara. This will open the eyes. Then, the makeup artist works them with a pencil to fill in any holes and unify the eyebrow line.


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