Cristina Cordula poses with a brand new very original haircut

“Magnifaïk” ! Does this word mean nothing to you? Of course if: Cristina Cordula, obviously! On Instagram, the famous image consultant (who has more than a million subscribers to the counter) regularly posts pictures on which she still appears more trendy than ever. Last month, for example, she revealed herself lovely with light makeup, or with a mini bangs and a bow in the hair on a photograph dating from the beginning of his career. The facilitator of Pure shopping also shared her talents as a “tiktoker” in a video as funny as it is stylish! More recently (yesterday, Monday July 3) the Franco-Brazilian celebrity posted a rather hilarious selfie, during his vacation. In the caption that accompanies the selfie in question, Cristina Cordula explains that it was windy when she took her picture, which could explain this feeling of brand new haircut !

Cristina Cordula is causing a stir with her new haircut

The Franco-Brazilian celebrity indeed displays a short haircut very trendy, with rebellious ears (as if she had applied gel or fixing wax!). What did not fail to make laugh her fans, who were also numerous to compliment her: “But still charming!”, “Magnifaïk”, “Always beautiful”, “Always radiant” can we read under the selfie in question. Faithful to short haircuts since the start of her career, Cristina Cordula has made her hair look her signature. If you also have short hair like the 55-year-old entertainer, feel free to brush it up with a blow dryer and a thin round brush (then texturize it with styling product). Why ? To give more allure to your hairstyle. Modern and young look guaranteed!


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