Crop top: what it is, how to wear it and who is it good for

Ideal for all seasons, but perfect for the warm months, the crop top it is a must have that cannot be missing among the trendy clothing items. To be sure of getting the best result, it is still advisable to know how to wear it (have a suitable figure) and be able to match it appropriately.

It was born as one short T-shirt which leaves a small part of the abdomen uncovered and not necessarily the navel. Its conformation is extremely variable as it can be soft, snug or snug, with bare shoulders or provided with braces, have the sleeve at the elbow or more often short.

In any case, it is a trendy accessory that, if combined in the right way, can truly make your outfit unique. Thanks to its extreme versatility, the crop top it is part of simple and casual looks, as well as of a more refined and elegant clothing, as long as the fabrics are of excellent choice.

In fact, the making of these garments plays a particularly important role as the models are quite contained and it is the constituent material that makes the difference.

Available in different colors. It is the materials that make the difference.

How to wear the crop top

To perfectly wear the crop top it is always better to combine it with a pair of high-waisted trousers, or a skirt, perhaps in vintage style, long at the calf and with a not too showy pattern. As a general rule it is always advisable to focus the attention of the combinations on the crop top, which must still represent the strong point of the entire outfit.

To be avoided absolutely low-rise clothing which contribute to highlighting even the slightest defects due to the presence of an exaggerated extension of bare skin.

An optimal combination is also that with a dungaree, preferably jeans, which allows you to create a refined “see-through” effect, very suitable for very young girls.

In summer the crop top can be worn without problems with a pair of short and tight bermuda shorts (like shorts), but even better with models equipped with large pockets, perhaps in camouflage fabric, with an unmistakable military style.

Even if worn over abundant odalisque trousers, in soft viscose, the crop top can be extremely elegant, especially paying attention to the chromatic shades, which should never be contrasting. Those who prefer leggings can wear them with a crop top with soft lines, to attenuate the lskinny effect of the trousers, and to follow a timeless classic style.

It is especially good for women with a physique
It is especially good for women with a “pear” body

Even if it is a decidedly trendy garment, the crop top looks very good under a jacket, especially if it has a high-necked and tight-fitting model in a balanced way.

Who is it good for

The fundamental prerequisite for wearing this accessory well is to choose the model that best suits your body shape, taking into account the fact that a part remains uncovered.

The slimmer models are recommended for those with a narrow waist with harmonious hips and with little breasts; it is the so-called “pear” conformation where it is necessary to focus attention on the waist.

To soften the “nude” effect of this garment, it is possible to wear a practical oversize shirt over it, to be left undone, to allow the view of the top below without highlighting the extra pounds too much.

To avoid closed sweaters that prevent the view of the top, while cardigans are perfect, to be left strictly open. In any case, both shapes and sizes must always be adequately balanced, to prevent the “nude” effect from transforming into an inelegant and excessively undressed outfit.

Those who cannot do without jeans must choose them High-waisted to minimize the uncovered abdomen area, which can be covered with an oversized sweatshirt to be worn unfastened.

If you don’t want to give up the skirt, nothing better than wearing the crop top over a high-waisted pleated skirt, ideal for those who do not have too pronounced hips and are looking for a refined but not too pretentious look.

The ideal is to wear this shirt with high-waisted jeans.
The ideal is to wear this shirt with high-waisted jeans.

Who does not like the crop top

Obviously this garment is not at all suitable for those who have a few extra pounds, especially if located at the level of the stomach and hips, since they would be highlighted by the strip of uncovered skin.

On the other hand, women who have large breasts can still wear a crop top as long as its neckline is not excessive and that the bare abdomen area does not limit the entire shirt to a strip of fabric.

Who has an “apple” physique with evident roundness of the hips and buttocks, should opt for a sweetened version of the crop top, choosing a soft and sufficiently long model, able to at least partially hide the roundness.



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