Cute Chanel Wedding Dresses

Themed weddings have been popular for many years. There are many scenarios that the newlyweds do not come up with, from a celebration in the style of the 1920s to the wedding of gopniks, elves and aliens. Militta offers a Chanel-style wedding. To be on the safe side, we’ll look at the brand’s best dresses. Chanel is an elegant style and thoughtfulness to the smallest detail. The dress itself may look simple, but the whole look will be irresistible.

The Chanel fashion house is famous for suits, bags and other accessories. If we talk about Chanel dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is the glorious little black dress, which is very versatile. Just a little black dress is not the best choice for a wedding. Militta decided to find cute dresses in white and other delicate shades for the bride’s look for a wedding.

The secret to finding a wedding dress is choosing collections. When you limit your choices only to outfits from the Ready to Wear collection, it may seem that there are few options for the bride. But in Haute couture there are such delicate cute dresses that you can’t take your eyes off them! These models will help to create a beautiful image of the bride in a romantic style.

Here are collected dresses from the collections of recent years. Choosing Chanel, you don’t even have to think about what year the model is, because Chanel creates real classics and discreet luxury, over which time has no power.

Do not be embarrassed by the fact that it is imperative to wear a wedding dress for a wedding according to all the rules and standards. Look at wedding photos from the 1920s, 1930s, photos of 19th century brides and you will find many examples of happy brides in dresses of different shades, which are not at all like wedding dresses of those years.

Chanel style wedding
Chanel style wedding

In the past, fashion was more conservative, and the customs and lifestyle of people are much stricter than they are now. If at the same time brides wore dresses of different shades, and sometimes with prints, then today you can even afford to stand out from the crowd of brides. If the dress is from Chanel, there should be no doubts at all. Militta has chosen the best models of the couture collections over the past 4 years. Can’t buy the original Chanel? Order tailoring an exact copy of the dress, and you will be happy!

Celebration decoration

To make your look perfectly match the whole celebration, think over the color scheme for decorating tables and interiors. The following colors are best suited for a wedding in the power of Coco Chanel – white, delicate pink and the main Chanel color is black.

Chanel wedding - cute dresses for inspiration

A completely black wedding dress is acceptable, designers periodically offer incredible black dresses in wedding collections. Only a rare girl will dare to take such a step, but many brides can wear black and white models. In addition to the main colors, shades of beige, gray and pastel will fit perfectly.

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