Cuticle oil. Why is it needed?

What is cuticle oil? Usually it is a complex of several types of oils, usually of vegetable origin. This product is quickly absorbed into the skin and has a pleasant aroma.

For the manufacture of special cuticle oil, components of natural origin are most often used:

  • cocoa butter has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin, which is important for inflammation;
  • lemon juice has antioxidant properties, saturates the skin with vitamins, prevents nails from growing into the skin;
  • sesame oil promotes intense hydration;
  • tea tree oil has a disinfectant effect, eliminates microorganisms and pathogenic fungi;
  • aloe juice is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent;
  • wheat germ oil gives a protective effect, increases the skin’s resistance to external factors.

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The effects of the external environment and the characteristics of the organism itself affect the condition of the skin around the nails. In particular, the lack of vitamins is reflected. In this case, the very herbal ingredients that manufacturers add to cuticle oil come to the rescue. Vitamins A, E and ascorbic acid contained in it are very important for the normal condition of the skin.

The components of the oil protect the cuticle from drying out, which can cause microcracks in the skin. Regular application of oil to the cuticle makes it softer and more elastic, which greatly facilitates the manicure procedure. And with an edged manicure, this tool also has a protective effect, preventing the development of inflammation at the cut and drying out.

Which oil should you choose? Each cosmetic store has in its assortment a whole line of cuticle oils. Therefore, if you consider the choice carefully, you can pick up exactly the hand care product that is needed at the moment.

  • A good cuticle oil usually contains no more than 5 different oils.
  • Vitamins, collagen, wax are indicated on the label as auxiliary substances.
  • There should be a minimum amount of various synthetic additives. This is an indicator of the quality of the cosmetic product.

Cuticle oil packaging can be made from different materials. The shelf life of the funds depends on this. Ideally, the bottle should protect the oil from exposure to sunlight: it is better to choose metal or dark glass.

Why do you need cuticle oil?
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Some manufacturers produce cuticle oil in pencil or pen packaging. This form is preferred, as a rule, by those who are used to carrying the product with them in their purse.

The release form is a criterion that can also be paid attention from the point of view of convenience. It all depends on who is used to using what oil.

When choosing cuticle oil, it is extremely important to pay attention to the composition, packaging, release form and country of origin. However, even the highest quality oil enriched with all the necessary substances will only have its effect if it is used regularly. After all, the skin needs protection and nutrition every day.

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