Cystitis, osteoporosis, hot flashes: 10 natural remedies to treat female ailments

Most of the great drugs come from plants. So, why not go back to basics by using ingredients that have been proven to work since the dawn of time? Here are some recipes for massage oils, therapeutic syrups and vinegars, herbal teas … In short, natural antibiotics to help you live your femininity in all serenity.

Where to find your plants?

You can buy them in dry form, essential oil, mother tincture or hydrosol in herbalists or in some pharmacies. But you can also pick them when they reach maturity, in gardens, fields or roadsides:

Autumn winter : ivy, juniper berries

Spring: yarrow, the Pasteur purse,

Spring / Summer : rosemary, field horsetail

Summer : white broth, officinal sage, meadowsweet, ash leaves

For more information : 250 do-it-yourself remedies, Dr Claudine Luu (Living Earth) and Medicinal walk through the seasons, by Sylvie Hampikian (Terre Vivante).

The favorite book: 100 natural remedies for women, by Fern Green (Marabout). This book, illustrated with beautiful photographs of plants, offers 100 do-it-yourself natural remedies to relieve all female ailments: cycle disorders, premenstrual syndrome, inconveniences of menopause, emotional disturbances …

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