Dad can: how to keep the child busy for the father while mom is resting

What can the father do with the child so that both of them are interested, and the mother can go about her business.

Send daddy to play with your child to finally get an hour of free time for personal use. We offer you options for activities that will definitely captivate a child from three years old and a father of any age.

Water games

Water is a success for all children (and dads) without exception. If a mother is horrified at the sight of a child soaking wet and dirty from head to foot, then a stress-resistant dad, without batting an eye, will let the baby go to explore the nearest puddle. In the summer you can equip both with water pistols, in the fall – with toy fishing rods or just stones that are so much fun to throw into the water. In winter, however, water fun will have to be moved to the bathroom. And make sure that this cheerful couple does not flood their neighbors.

Walk in the park

A trip to a park or forest can be a real adventure for both if you equip this team with toy radios. If you combine business with pleasure, then on the radio, dad can inform the child about all the interesting finds: be it a cobweb, a bug, a mushroom or a den with a sleeping bear. Do not forget to give them a compass with you – so that, after playing, they can find their way home.


A playground, let’s face it, is not the most fun place for a father. These kids love to tinker in the sandpit, ride on a swing and just rush back and forth. Moms at this time engage each other in conversation, while dad, besides his phone, has nothing special to entertain himself with. Advise him to try himself as a director! A child – or a group of children – will happily portray a simple production “on camera”. You don’t need to be Stanislavsky for this, just ask to see a bunny or a princess (depending on gender and age). Our life hack: the child will watch the video with his participation on his father’s phone several times. This will come in handy when the child needs something to distract.

Sports activities

You are lucky if your husband himself is fond of sports: he will not have to be persuaded to take his child with him to the sports field, bike ride or a football match with friends. But if dad does not show craving for an active lifestyle, then it’s time to be smart for you. Buy a pedometer for your husband – turn a monotonous walk into a competition, albeit with yourself. In winter, supply your spouse with a snowball (such a plastic aggregate for “contactless” creation of snowballs), and in the spring, buy your child a running bike or a bicycle – willy-nilly, daddy will have to run alongside, sheer benefit for everyone!

Common hobby

The easiest option: let the dad introduce the child to his hobby from a very young age. Whether it’s fishing, attending sports matches, hunting for collectible stamps in an antique store, music rehearsals or car repairs in the garage, the little one will be happy to share Dad’s important business. And you will be glad: the child is busy and the husband is under supervision. Or vice versa?

Active games at home

Hide and seek, hide and seek, tag, catch-up, pillow fight – these are only some of the most popular activities among children, in which mom does not want to take part at all. Invite dad to remember his childhood: we are sure that he will quickly get involved. Soon, you will have to give political asylum to a child trying to hide from a spouse armed with pillows to the teeth.

Calm leisure

Buy a constructor for dad! Of course, you will officially hand it over to your child, and the true plan will remain our secret. Fortunately, the designer can now be selected according to the interests of any father: from radio-controlled models to huge Lego castles, models of ships, planes, dinosaur skeletons and labyrinths. Of course, it is possible to captivate dad and child with board games, but there is a risk that you will be immediately called to participate. In the situation with the designer, we have an invincible female “dear, I don’t understand anything about this …”

Role based games

Children always play with great pleasure in the world of adults. Tell Dad our little secret: even the most active role-playing games can be played passively. Without getting up from the couch, the father can become a sleeping prince, a mummy of a pharaoh, a patient in a toy hospital – the options are limited only by his imagination and desire to lie down longer.

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