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According to unconfirmed reports, today every fourth woman in the world wears a square – straight to the shoulders or graduated, shortened or with lengthening, bob, square on a leg, square with bangs… Technically, these are variations of the good old classics! We do not always notice that this or that haircut is so popular, because each of us adapts the classic canons for ourselves – both by changing the geometry of the hairstyle and by coloring.

So, regular highlighting can make your square stand out from the background of everyone else, and this is great news, because we all want to be like not someone else, but ourselves! It remains only to decide on the style of dyeing the strands and go to the beauty salon with a clear request.

Highlighting is one of the most popular coloring techniques when it comes to bob. The secret is that when highlighting, not the entire mass of the hair is affected, but individual strands: this technique has many advantages in the case of a classic geometric haircut. In addition, thanks to the overflow and stretch of the color, the square always gets the desired volume.

Like any dyeing method, highlighting on a square has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Advantages of highlighting on a square:

  • by coloring or lightening individual strands, the hairstyle acquires dynamics and volume;
  • by selecting one or several additional shades, the main hair color is favorably highlighted;
  • Highlighting often helps to emphasize the structure of the hair – their smoothness or play of tone on the curls.

We found only one drawback of this highlighting on the square: unlike more modern techniques of complex dyeing, classic highlighting is mainly done from the hair roots. Because of this, the color needs to be updated much more often. But with modern lightening products, you can not be afraid that the strands will begin to split and break off. Chances are your master will use concentrate SmartBond or a gentle highlighting cream Majimeches (L’Oreal Pro). And some bleaching powders such as Light Master (Matrix), include a bonder that protects the keratin bonds of the inner hair structure from damage.

Highlighting on a square can be different! Someone like Venetian or large, someone adores veiled, Californian, super bright with the participation of several shades … But today we will talk about techniques that complement the square.

The traditional dyeing technique, in which individual strands are lightened in several tones. Highlighted bob turns out to be dynamic and contrasting – this method gives the hairstyle liveliness and additional volume.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. The usual highlighting requires pigment “feeding” at home. If your strands are tinted cold blond, mix the mask L’Oreal Pro BlondifierRich in antioxidant acai berry extract with a shot of purple pigment PowerMix… The synergistic effect of these two agents will over and over again remove the warm undertone, strengthening the cold one. For golden blondes, we recommend mixing the mask with golden pigment. PowerMix Gold.

california highlighting on the square

Its name this technique received thanks to the visual effect of burnout in the gentle sun. For coloring, only natural tones of a light palette are used here – warm wheat, deep cognacenveloping honey. The difference between shades is minimal, so such highlighting on the square looks as natural as possible.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. Natural-looking shades only need one thing – a cuticle that is smoothed and tight to the hair shaft. In this state, it holds the artificial pigment well, and the conditioner will help to smooth it. Matrix Hello Blondie and indelible care L’Oréal Pro Liss Unlimitedguaranteeing hair up to four days of smoothness and manageability.

The choice of the bold: for highlighting the square shades are selected from the brightest palettes! Such coloring helps to lose several years and in an instant to cheer up both yourself and those around you! On a straight square, coloring with “feathers” looks impressive, and if your styling involves mandatory curls, then take a closer look at the images with colored balayage or ombre.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. Capricious bright colors will stay with you for about 65 days with a range Matrix Keep Me Vivid… Sulfate-free shampoo from this range, brilliant air conditioning and cream Velvetizer with sun protection filters and an extremely comfortable texture.

Another variation of bright highlighting, but with a nuance: strands painted in catchy shades hide under the top layer of hair… Thus, the result of the colorist’s work will only be visible if you shake your head. Or collect a malvinka.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. Use a full or slightly trimmed range designed specifically for colored hair. So, at L’Oreal Professional it is quite possible to limit yourself to three effective anti-fading and washout agents: our favorite shampoo Vitamino Color, low pH milk Acidic Sealer and an antioxidant nourishing mask Vitamino Color.

The dyeing technique is similar to the California highlighting, but here the masters work with dark curls. The purpose of this coloring is to achieve sun glare on chestnut or dark blond hair… Agree, a brown sheet of hair without the finest color transitions would look too flat.

SalonSecret recipe for color preservation. For highlighted dark hair, use three pigment products. Shampoo Dark Envy from Matrix with a mix of brown-green pigments will add an exquisite cold nuance to the brown-haired woman (but it makes sense to use this care only if the highlighting tone is also quite dark), and shampoo and air conditioning Redken Brownlights with blue pigments, neutralizes yellowness on lightened strands, while giving hypnotic depth to dark hair.

what does highlighting on a square look like

We have decided a little with the coloring options, now it remains to remember what the square itself can be, except for the most popular classic version.

The elongated version of the haircut is sometimes unrecognizable because of the unusual length of the strands, but what you see in the photo is also a square! Take a look at the photo, how great it looks with highlights.

This haircut as if specially created for highlighting, which can emphasize the difference in length in different zones of the hairstyle and highlight the volume at the crown.

Another “perfect pair”: both the graduation of the bob and the highlighting have one goal – to emphasize the texture of each strand.

highlighting on a square on a leg

This version of the haircut has not gone out of style for many decades. And most of all the most traditional classic highlighting on the square suits her.

To emphasize the beauty and texture of the bangs, color bright highlights on the square or coloring in the Peek-a-Boo style will help.

Colorists have been studying the shade selection technique for years! And the best craftsmen do not stop improving their skills even after receiving many awards. Let us and we penetrate into the secrets of color combinations and try to understand how to choose the right shades for highlighting on a square.

For dark hair, highlighting on a square is simply necessary: ​​if it is not done, the curls merge into one dark mass and look unprofitable. On brown and black hair, the classic highlighting using light shades, as well as multitonal highlighting with the creation of sun highlights, will brightly manifest itself. Chocolate bob with sandy blonde, rich red with golden sparkles, brown-haired and platinum – the choice depends only on your imagination.

Light brown curls are in perfect harmony with any highlighting, coming to life and getting additional visual volume. Try a Californian highlight on the bob or a classic highlight with lighter shades. Note to fashionistas: rose gold is still the trend leader! Another relevant and beautiful combination is an ashy square with barely noticeable light highlights.

With black hair, you should be as careful as possible: too contrasting highlighting on the square will instantly simplify the image. It is better to choose not too light shades: multitonal highlighting is suitable in amber and honey tones. Bright creativity is also possible if your lifestyle tends to be bohemian.

how to highlight on a square

Highlighting on short hair by technology is no different from the same beauty ritual on long strands. In both cases, the process requires a high level of skill, so it is better to trust the salon master in this matter. In general, highlighting on a square is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • the master works either with each strand separately, or highlights all the strands at the same time using a special hat (a rarity!);
  • a lightening composition is applied to the strand: in order to achieve the desired tone, you first need to wash the main pigment;
  • you can lighten hair more or more easily – depending on the goals, the master chooses the composition itself and the time of its action;
  • the dye is kept for the time recommended by the manufacturer (usually 20-30 minutes) and washed off.
how to care for highlighting on a square

Dyed strands require close attention, and lightened ones – especially! Therefore, after visiting a beauty salon, it is very important to make it a rule to take care of your hair on a regular basis, providing it with nutrition and moisture. This is what SalonSecret experts advise for owners of streaked bobs.

  • After lightening, the hair structure changes – it becomes more porous, which means it is more vulnerable. Maintain your curls with regular hair repair masks. Perfect after highlighting Biolage ColorLast with orchid extract. It intensively nourishes and moisturizes, while protecting the color from washout.
  • Maintaining your chosen light shade is easy: look for the right shampoo that will prevent clarified and colored strands from fading to an unpleasant yellow or red color. For cold shades, blonde is ideal Matrix Brass Off, neutralizing copper undertone. Alternate with your regular shampoo for a radiant, clean blonde without salon tweaking.
  • Help your curls recover as soon as possible after a traumatic beauty ritual: after each wash, be sure to apply an indelible hair care product. For example spray Vitamino Color 10 в 1 from L’Oreal Professional… By the way, this tool is one of the top ten favorites of the stylist’s departure. Mikhail Zolotarev.
  • If something goes wrong during the lightening process, the ends of the hair may begin to split. To avoid this, use leave-in care. Redken Extreme Antisnapwhich restores the structure of the hair and reduces the section by 75%.
  • Notice that your hair is no longer as shiny as it was on the day you visited the salon? This is natural, since the coloring pigment is gradually washed out of the hair, making it more porous. To maintain the natural glow of your curls, we advise you to regularly apply oil on them. Matrix Oil Wonders with hibiscus extract. With it, the strands shine as if only a few days had passed since the dyeing.

Highlights and squares are the perfect match! What shade do you choose for yourself?


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