Day makeup for green eyes with photo: how to make beautiful makeup

Green eyes can become even brighter and more expressive if they are correctly emphasized with makeup. We tell you which one

Green eyes are the very advantage of appearance, which simply must be in the spotlight and receive compliments from others. Usually such eyes are bright in themselves, noticeable against the background of other facial features. But the effect can be enhanced. Even understated makeup can help make green eyes look much more attractive and mesmerizing.

Both daytime and evening make-up for green eyes should be done with means of certain shades – those that are harmoniously combined with green, at the same time contrasting with it.

Which ones are among them?

Any makeup artist will name this color first if you ask him about shades suitable for green-eyed girls. Please note that you can use both chocolate and coffee in the make-up. And the products can be either matte or with a shimmer.

For green eyes to shine, you need products with a golden glitter. These include a sparkling shade of champagne – lighter, and bronze – darker. With their help, you get the perfect evening make-up. In daytime, they can be added as an expressive highlight.

A dark graphite shade is the choice for a calm, neutral make-up. Against the background of this color, green eyes stand out better. All attention is on them, not on the makeup around.

And shades from the purple range (both dark plum and light lilac), on the contrary, will help create such eye makeup that will become the basis of the whole image. The contrasting combination that they form together with green turns out to be unusual and bright.

How to use it correctly in green eye makeup? The main thing is to choose a shade that will not merge with them. It should be either much darker or much lighter, since contrast is needed for an expressive result.

Each of these shades is suitable for creating beautiful daytime makeup for green eyes. True, given that we are not talking about an evening look, some colors – for example, purple or green – will have to be used in a very moderate amount, carefully shaded until a translucent texture is obtained. And for a universal make-up, it is better to choose neutral shades.

What should be the scheme for applying daytime makeup for green eyes? Follow the instructions.

Start your make-up by preparing your eyelid skin – this step is essential for a long-lasting result that lasts all day. Apply a primer (such as Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion) to smoothen and matte skin and improve the texture of other makeup products.

2. Basic coverage

The next step is to apply the base shade of the eyeshadow all over the lids. A soft creamy tone is needed for a versatile look. It is desirable that the shadows are matte; if the texture is with a shimmer, then the shine it creates should be barely noticeable. Shimmer is more appropriate in an evening make-up. Distribute the shadows not only over the surface of the moving eyelid, but also slightly higher – over the skin closer to the eyebrows.

3. Working with a fold

To make the make-up more “voluminous”, make a slight accent on the fold. You will need a coffee shade – not too dark, but at the same time not as light as the base color. With a slightly pointed brush at the end, “lay” the shadows in the crease, and then blend them – and “grab” the outer corner of the eye while doing this to create a smoky effect. The cut crease technique for daytime makeup is more suitable than the classic smoky ice, which turns out to be brighter.

Next, you should emphasize the ciliary contour. Choose a method you are familiar with: draw the line of growth of the eyelashes with a pencil (with shading – to soften the result – or without it), use kajal like Le Duo Khôl from Lancôme on the mucous membrane to emphasize the clarity of the contour, or, for example, draw arrows with a graceful sharpening. By the way, in this step you can use less standard colors: plum, emerald, golden brown.

5. Eyelash makeup

The final touch is the application of mascara. Before you start, use a primer like NYX Professional Makeup’s Big & Loud Lash Primer to give your lashes extra volume and length, then paint over them in a single coat.

What type of eye makeup is universal for you? Write a comment, and in order to quickly create not only daytime makeup, but also evening makeup, follow our video tutorial.

Text: Veronika Gnezdilo


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