Deadline, provider, price … How to clean and keep your wedding dress?

D-day has passed. You danced until the end of the night and your dress is immaculate only the memory it printed on the photographer’s film. How and when to clean it? And at what cost? The answers of our expert.

Perfect, she was. And everyone repeated it to us throughout the day. Your wedding dress had the desired effect. But over the course of the event, between the traces of grass, dust and footprints on the train and the unfortunate stains that bear witness to the reception or wine. wedding cake, it lost its splendor the day after this day of celebration. It remains to be seen how to clean it in order to store it, display it in a room of the house or even resell it (as is more and more common). To avoid irreparable odds, we take stock with Alexander Assouline of Teinturiers du Bonheur, a company specializing in cleaning wedding dresses since 1981.

The delay

Between the wedding blues and / or the honeymoon, we often delay the moment when we decide to wear our dress to clean. And yet … “Here time is the number one enemy!” explains Alexander Assouline. The longer you wait, the more certain stains such as grass or alcohol will become embedded in the fabrics, making it more complicated. To hope for an optimal result, we recommend that our clients bring it to us as soon as possible, preferably right after the wedding. ” So, even if we are quickly caught up in the spiral of everyday life or if we go on vacation, we try to react quickly.

And for those who are wondering if they should have their outfit cleaned before the ceremony? “Normally, brands take care of it, especially if it is made by a designer.” Afterwards, if you buy it second-hand or if you take an exhibition model to save money, the latter may indeed need a little cleaning. But to avoid disappointments (damaged or burnt tissues …), again we pay attention to the service provider we choose.

Choice of provider

Let’s immediately forget the idea of ​​washing your wedding dress in the machine like a simple T-shirt. It is indeed made up of delicate fabrics such as lace and silk but also of ornaments (pearls, embroidery …) which are just as delicate. And which therefore require special attention and specific products. So many good reasons to turn to a professional who notably has special machines that can operate at very low temperatures. Many dry cleaners offer this service but also specialized companies. Therefore, it remains to choose between the two. For the expert, the difference is not negligible. “We don’t deal with a ready-to-wear suit or dress like a wedding dress. You have to know how to recognize the different materials used and identify the fragile elements to protect in order to determine the most appropriate cleaning technique, which requires a lot of experience and know-how. “

How to keep it?

Once the dress has been recovered as new, you have to remember to keep it. If many young brides decide to entrust it to a consignment shop for lack of space or to recover part of their investment, others have a real emotional attachment to it and wish to keep it. There are many solutions to prevent it from suffering the effects of time, such as specially designed boxes. This is the case with those imagined by J’aime Ma Robe which also offer dedicated covers. “To keep it in optimal condition, you can also get a cotton cover. And in general, it should be placed in the shelter of light and avoid damp places such as an attic or cellar. The latter favoring the development of molds ”, specifies the representative of Teinturiers du Bonheur. We also think of asking the professional if he can also perform an anti-yellowing treatment to help him through the years without losing its shine. Who knows if one day we will not pass it on to his daughter?

What price?

In a classic laundry, cleaning can cost from 50 to 80 €. At a specialist, more accustomed and equipped to handle the delicate materials used in the wedding world, prices can vary from 150 to 450 € depending on the fabrics and ornaments. The latter also offer more personalized services such as collection and home delivery in Paris and the Paris region. Another detail that can change the note: accessories such as the veil or the petticoat which, according to the providers, are included or in addition.

Thank you to the Teinturiers du Bonheur for their advice.


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