Deconfinement and reopening of beauty institutes

The date for deconfinement and reopening of stores is set for May 11. Thus, the so-called shops “Non-essential”, should be able to reopen their doors. Beauty salons, like hairdressers who will reopen their doors, are preparing to resume their activity. France Saloio, training director at Body’Minute, explains how your next one will go appointment with the beautician post-confinement. “We are waiting for a job description that will give recommendations from the State, but we have already taken the initiative to be ready on Monday”.

Reopening of beauty salons: what are the new hygiene measures?

If the new hygiene measures may vary from one establishment to another, they are all created on the general recommendations of the State and barrier gestures. “The clients must either come with their mask or put on the one provided to them”, begins France Soloio. The beauticians will they too necessarily a mask, but must also wear a visor and gloves (which they already had before the arrival of the virus). This equipment is essential. Why ? Because physical distancing cannot be respected: “We cannot perform a service two meters from clients”.
But before putting on their mask, clients should disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel located at the entrance of the institute. No accompanying person, adult or child can enter. “The waiting space will be limited to two people maximum in the shop, the others will have to wait outside”. Why not set up an appointment setting? “Our DNA does not allow it, we have to stay without an appointment”, specifies the expert. However, it is possible that the other institutes favor the setting of appointments to avoid waiting for their customers. As regards the payment, it must be made at the reception, a space protected by plexiglass. Contactless will be preferred, but customers will be able to use cash.

Reopening of beauty institutes: services prohibited?

In the cabin, which will have been washed and disinfected before and after each visit, the beauticians can proceed normally. Leg waxing, bikini waxing or even eyebrows… These services do not pose any health problem and can be provided. “However, we are still not fixed on face care, chin or mustache waxing, because they require a mask removal”. ized or prohibited? “It is up to the State to decide on the job descriptions that it must provide us”, explains France Saloio.

Reopening of beauty salons: a rise in prices?

“Applying the new hygiene measures will take us longer than usual”. But the sign does not provide no price increase. “The masks, the gel, the plexiglass … All of this costs money, but we want to remain attractive”. These institutes are also fortunate to already operate with disposable equipment in normal times, and did not have to obtain it urgently. To make up for the loss of customer volume, some stores could extend their hours. “We are ready”, assures France Saloio. If Body’Minute does not provide for higher prices, some brands may have to use them.

Thanks to France Saloio, training director at Body’Minute.



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