Did the “No-bra” seduce French women?

(ETX Studio) – During confinement, the bra disappeared from the breasts, and the no-bra, which has existed and been practiced since the 1970s by a minority of women so far, seems to be normalizing in the eyes of French women and the French. An Ifop study examines this democratization of the no-bra and questions its sustainability after confinement.

The study shows fairly significant figures: the proportion of French women not wearing a bra has increased from 3% before confinement to 7% today. Among women under 25, this figure has even increased from 4% to 18%!

When asked about their practice of no-bra, 44% of women say they have already practiced no-bra in a public place. The study also details the factors influencing the behavior of women towards the bra. Thus, we learn that the size of the cup and cosmetic surgery play an important role in the choice to wear a bra: 57% of women doing an A cup practice no-bra, against 39% for those doing a bra. cup D. It is even more obvious for cosmetic surgery: they are 78% to practice it after a mammoplasty with prosthesis, against only 46% with natural breasts. A not very significant factor is that of feminist convictions: they are 47% to do so among those who say they are very feminist, against 42% among those who say they are not at all feminist.

The perception of the female breast: an organ still sexualized

Another part of this study looks at the perception of the female breast in a public place: men and women answer 89% that a woman who does not wear a bra is a woman who dresses simply like her. want it. On the other hand, women are 60% to think that the no-bra is inappropriate in a workplace, against 46% for men. Indeed, the sexualization of the female breast is still very much anchored in mentalities: 51% of men and 46% of women think that a woman who does not wear a bra in the street is more likely to be harassed or even assaulted. .

However, both men and women are rather in favor of changing legislation: 60% of men and 65% of women are in favor of prohibiting men from being shirtless in the street and public space, 53 % of men and 63% of women are in favor of changing the law so that women’s breasts are no longer considered as sexual organs, and 46% of men and 54% of women want a law prohibiting social networks from censoring the nipples of women while they do not censor those of men.

Methodology: This Ifop study was carried out for Xcams using a self-administered online questionnaire from June 9 to 12, 2020 with a sample of 3,018 people, representative of the population aged 18 and over living in metropolitan France.

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