Diesel is working on jeans that would kill 99% of viruses

The Italian brand Dieseil has joined forces with the Swedish company Polygiene, which specializes in self-cleaning textiles, to design “a treatment that stops 99% of viral activity on denim”.

Diesel / Polygiene

The technology dubbed “ViralOff”, which Diesel owns exclusively for denim, “will be applied to a selection of the brand’s jeans models for spring-summer 2021, before being extended to a wider range of products at the future”. This treatment would also protect against odors thanks to the Odor Crunch technology.

Polygiene announces that this innovation is the result of “in-depth research in textile protection initiated during the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s”. According to the Swedish company, this technology “has the ability to inhibit more than 99% of viral activity in a maximum of two hours of contact between the pathogens and the tissue”.

How exactly does it work? According to Polygiene, the interaction with proteins prevents the virus from attaching to textile fibers.

This advance could be of interest to shops obliged to regularly disinfect clothing that has been affected and to quarantine those that have been tried on for up to 72 hours, due to potential traces of coronavirus that could remain active and present on the fabrics.



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