Diet by profession

Choosing food for the type of activity is necessary not only for those who work in hazardous industries. The needs of the body are formed from the way of life, and professional activity leaves its mark on the way of life. Even an ordinary accountant or programmer should think about a diet for professional activity, since their work requires a high concentration of attention. The average office worker can put himself under high stress on a daily basis, and this can also be compensated for with nutrition.

Nutrition for perseverance and against stress

If your work requires a high concentration of attention, then your diet should be high in omega-3 fatty acids. The easiest way to get them is from fatty fish – catfish, salmon, mackerel and others. These fatty acids are needed by everyone who works at the computer, they protect the cornea of ​​the eye from drying out. Omega-3s have a strong anti-stress effect.

It does not hurt to enrich the diet with magnesium, it is necessary for the nervous system. Eating legumes, green leafy vegetables, and a little dark chocolate can fully satisfy your magnesium needs. This element increases performance, concentration and stress resistance.

fatty fish

Standing power supply

There are many ways to spend your day on your feet. The couriers and the waiter are more fortunate, because they spend the whole working day on the move, subject to dosing loads, physical activity will only benefit. It is much worse for hairdressers, receptionists, salespeople and other people whose professional activity obliges them to stand in one place for a long time. This increases the risk of varicose veins, arthrosis and arthritis. Nutrition should take care of the veins and joints.

The first principle of nutrition is counting calories; excess weight will create additional stress and exacerbate risks. Gelatin will become a useful component of nutrition; people with standing work should allow themselves jelly and jellied meat. They also need rutin, this substance strengthens the walls of blood vessels, it can be obtained from black currants and black grapes, as well as other dark berries – blueberries, blackberries, mountain ash. You cannot deny yourself seafood, especially – in kelp, they are necessary for the synthesis of elastin, from which the walls of blood vessels become more elastic.

Food for sedentary work

If you live in a big city and do not work on your feet, then most likely you spend the whole working day sitting. This activity obliges you to even more carefully monitor your weight and the condition of your joints. If you sit with a crooked back and an unnatural neck position, it will lead to atherosclerosis and hypertension. Nutrition should follow two principles – less bad cholesterol and more coarse fiber.

But even such a diet will not be able to fully compensate for the harm of a sedentary lifestyle; regular physical activity will be required, at least in the form of light fitness or walking.

Power when working noisy

What do a pilot, a factory worker, a kindergarten teacher and a traffic controller at an intersection have in common? The answer is simple – the need to experience noise overload at work. The constant noise around not only impairs hearing, but also weakens the nervous system. These people need omega-3s and magnesium, as noise is stressful, and nutrition to reduce cardiovascular risks.

It has been proven that a low cholesterol diet, which is used to prevent atherosclerosis, also prevents hearing impairment. If you reduce your salt intake to the limit, the results will be even better.

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