Digestion, headaches, hangovers … 3 steps to recover from an evening

We soothe headaches

After an evening a little too drunk, it is not uncommon to experience headaches … This migraine, more or less intense, is due to dehydration and the vasodilator effect of alcoholic drinks. When alcohol is absorbed into the liver, a toxic substance is produced, which can also cause migraines.

One day after the evening, to relieve possible headaches, it is therefore recommended to use peppermint essential oil, the anti-migraine essential oil par excellence! Apply 1 or 2 pure drops to the temples, and self-massage this area, making small circles.

Precautions to be taken: the concentration of active principle of essential oils being high, one avoids getting closer to the eyes by massaging. Also, peppermint essential oil being stimulating, we prefer to use it at the start of the day, rather than in the evening.

We relieve stomach aches and nausea

Who says excessive alcohol consumption, often says nausea. Alcoholic drinks stimulate the production of acid in the stomach, and irritation of the gastric mucosa can be responsible for stomach aches, nausea, difficult digestion, sometimes accompanied by dizziness, and in some cases even dizziness. vomiting.

To limit these effects of alcohol on the body, we opt for Rosemary essential oil with cineole. It is sometimes used in cooking, but it also has interesting therapeutic virtues: it offers a detox to the body and especially to the liver, by eliminating the waste accumulated following excess alcohol and food during a meal. hearty for example. She is therefore our ally after a festive evening! To optimize the benefits, we combine it with Lemon essential oil: we put 1 drop of each, on a neutral tablet. Take 3 to 4 times a day, until symptoms disappear.

Good advice: to evacuate this waste and recover more quickly, it is essential to be well hydrated throughout the day, and even before going to bed after returning from the evening! This prevents dehydration problems and eliminates toxins efficiently.

We give a boost in case of difficult digestion

Bloating, heartburn… After excessive alcohol consumption and / or a heavy meal, digestion can be difficult.

To quickly find a flat stomach and restart digestion, we combine two essential oils: the essential oil of Peppermint, which was used previously to relieve headaches, and the essential oil of Lemon which is effective. against nausea.

Activated charcoal, which comes in the form of powder or capsules (available in organic stores), can also be a good way to regain intestinal comfort. This, natural detoxifier, will absorb intestinal gas and other unwanted substances present in the body, and will then be evacuated in the stool.

Find many other practical tips in Essential oils, Le Mag, by Didier Pesoni, Editions Terre d’Essences.

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