Discover the best beauty tips from professional makeup artists for this summer!

The beautiful sunny days have come to the fore. And with them, new trends and beauty tips to have a dream complexion Here are some expert make-up tips for beauty treatments “on fleek” this summer!

Lindzy MUA: “Prepare your skin with appropriate care and bet on pastel colors”

Dry, oily or combination: each type of skin needs very specific care. “My first advice is to prepare your skin well before going to the makeup stage” explains Lindzy, professional makeup artist. “Choose mattifying creams if you have combination to oily skin. If you have rather dry skin, opt for a moisturizer rich in water ” continues the professional. Make-up level, “Pastel colors are very trendy”. Clearly, dare the colorful make-up this summer!

This summer’s must-have according to Lindzy MUA: “A makeup fixer (to take everywhere with you in your bag) and to spray in case of heat stroke so that your makeup will last as long as possible! ”

Alli Make Up : “Dare to use glowy makeup”

Glowy has been a very popular makeup technique for some time. It is carried out from a play of light making it possible to create areas of light on certain parts of the face. Result? A fresh and luminous complexion! Everything we love about summer, isn’t it? “Mix a dab of your favorite liquid highlighter with your day cream, or your foundation, for an even more successful glowy effect” advises Alli, professional makeup artist.

This summer’s must-have according to Alli: “Fenty Beauty brand lava body illuminator for a natural glow from head to toe.”


3 / Morgane Denia : “Play with colors, opt for creamy textures and protect your skin from the sun”

With the wearing of a mask due to the current health crisis, Morgane Denia, (professional makeup artist) advises to bet on eye makeup and take the opportunity to play with colors and shine. Complexion level, blushes and illuminators with creamy textures are “The essentials of this summer, for a fresh and luminous complexion”. The final word ? “Do not ignore sun protection, essential to protect your skin from brown spots and skin aging” concludes the professional.



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