discover this beauty trend from Japan that promises perfect skin

Have a skin without imperfections boosts self-confidence, doesn’t it? However, it is sometimes hard to achieve this result. Fortunately, the experts at beauty trends are there to give us a little help! Recently, the Japanese bet on the trend “Mochi skin”, inspired by the soft, dry texture of the sweet rice ball of the same name. Just like this essential Japanese dessert, the principle of “Mochi skin” is to have shine-free skin. Is it really possible? With a specific skin routine, adapted to your skin type, and makeup, yes!

“Mochi skin”: how to get smooth and matte skin?

The secret is to focus on exfoliation as well as facial hydration. Just as much as hydration, exfoliation is an important beauty gesture for the skin of the face (and the body as well). It allows to deeply cleanse the skin and make the tan more uniform and luminous (very practical in summer). There are different types: chemical exfoliators (rich in acids) or mechanical (in the form of more or less thick grains, which will be used to eliminate all the dead skin). Exfoliation for the face is indicated for all skin types : be it greasy, mixed, dry or sensitive. To achieve the result “Mochi skin”, we are therefore inspired by the facial care routine of Japanese women, based on a double cleansing (a first gentle and a second more powerful), the application of a tonic lotion (in order to provide hydration and luminous finish), SPF cream (to avoid premature aging caused by the sun), serum (based on algae, hyaluronic acid, retinol or plant extracts) as well as good moisturizers or oil for the face in the evening (in particular based on ceramides). After this essential care step, comes the makeup step. We opt for a translucent powder in order to control excess sebum secreted by the skin. It’s your turn !


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