Discovering essential oils with doctor Jean-Pierre Willem

When did you discover the power of essential oils?

It was in 1966, I was on a mission in Rwanda, in the Great Lakes region. At the time, lots of young people came to the hospital with a terrible virus, which caused what was called phadegenic ulcer; the virus devoured the flesh, attacked the bone, it was necessary to amputate. And then, pray to Heaven for the healing to go well; and that the virus is truly eradicated. My approach was empirical: I had taken a package of essential oils discovered during a medical replacement, in the north of France; I tested eucalyptus radiata on a young man’s wound. Very quickly it was clean, after a month, there was a scar budding; a real miracle! I went into religion … I who was a war surgeon, accustomed to hard medicine, I have become a follower of alternative medicine!

What is their mode of action?

We know it well now: in fact, essential oil destroys the protein membrane of the virus; he finds himself weakened and dies. EOs have a complex biochemical composition: up to 300 different molecules can be found in sweet lavender! Today some ten thousand chemically defined natural molecules have been identified. When an antibiotic boils down to one or a few molecules drawn from an arsenal of 150, which are aimed at targeted pathogens. It is this complexity that will disorientate the virus: it has too many molecules to spot, too many different synergies to fight!

Which one do you prefer?

Helichrysum, or immortal, extracted from a plant that grows in Corsica and around the Mediterranean. I always have it on me. It is anti shock, anti coagulant, anti-inflammatory. It is the plant of the blood circulation. On bruises, it is amazing. Used in synergy with niaouli, it is great for fighting herpes. It dissolves and thins phlegm.

Is the power of EO scientifically proven?

Yes, there are many scientific studies that have shown their effectiveness; there has even been a university degree in phytoaromatherapy since 2010, accepted by some faculties of pharmacy (Paris V and Paris XI).

The 10 essential oils to have at home

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