Dmitry Stuzhuk: the reason for what happened on October 16

A couple of days ago, subscribers of the famous blogger Dmitry Stuzhuk were excited by the news that he had received a positive test for coronavirus. He talked in detail about his health in the blog. Dmitry Stuzhuk wrote about how it all began, what the symptoms were and urged everyone to take care of themselves.

The blogger’s latest post on Instagram reassured his followers. Dmitry wrote: “My condition is stable. I feel that the peak is over and I will soon recover. “… However, the unexpected happened – on October 16, the blogger’s ex-wife announced that Dmitry was gone.

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Editorial staff “So easy!” shares with you the details of the tragedies and tries to figure out the reasons for the sudden departure of Dmitry Stuzhuk.

Dmitry Stuzhuk: the causes of the tragedy

A few days ago, the blogger shared a post with subscribers in which he said that he contracted the coronavirus while on vacation in Turkey. He wrote: “I felt bad on the second day in Turkey. I woke up in the middle of the night because my neck was swollen and it was hard to breathe. At the same time, my stomach ached a little “.

He also detailed the symptoms. He also noted that he did not immediately attach importance to this. I thought it might be from climate change. It turned out that this is a coronavirus only after returning to Ukraine. The COVID test came back positive. Dmitry was prescribed treatment and insisted on hospitalization. However, the man refused.

In a post, he noted: “This is a separate story, because now there are renovations, the hospital is completely filled with people, some of them live in the corridor. There is no food, no paper, no cutlery either! Nobody warned me about this “… Therefore, Dmitry decided to be treated at home.

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CORONAVIRUS “COVID” DAY 8 ⠀ As you all know from the stories, I have corlnavirus. Today, after returning home, for the first time there was an enthusiasm for at least writing something. I want to share how I got sick and convincingly warn everyone: I also thought that there was no covid, and this is all relative. Until he got sick. COVID-19 DISEASE IS NOT EPHEME! And heavy. But first things first. ⠀ How was it? I felt bad on the second day in Turkey. I woke up in the middle of the night because my neck was swollen and it was hard to breathe. At the same time, my stomach ached a little. ⠀ The next day, a cough began to appear, but there was no temperature. There were no particular symptoms of the disease either, so I thought that these could be the consequences after playing sports, changing the climate and nutrition, and plus sleeping under air conditioning. ⠀ After returning from Turkey, I immediately went to take various tests, do an ultrasound scan and, just in case, decided to take a test for COVID. It turned out to be positive😔 ⠀ The next day I went to have a CT scan. I was prescribed treatment and began to insist on hospitalization. This is a separate story, because now there are renovations going on, the hospital is completely filled with people, some of them live in the corridor There is no food, no paper, no cutlery either! Nobody warned me about this. A separate post will be devoted to medicine in our country – well, it deserves it. ⠀ ABOUT TREATMENT. I was prescribed a course of treatment and told that I needed to continue it. They gave me an oxygen apparatus for breathing, since I have a low oxygen level (although I think it is considered critical after 90, for me 94-96 it is quite permissible for treatment at home, the doctor in the waiting room told me the same thing😄). ⠀ ☝🏻 Taking into account all these factors, I make a decision that it will be more convenient and comfortable for me to be in remote care at home, where I have all the conditions for normal treatment. In the end, I can always turn to the right services. She is at home, as they say, and the walls heal🙌🏻 ⠀ My condition is stable.

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At first, the state was stable, it seemed that nothing portended trouble. However, then the man became ill and was urgently hospitalized. But because of the complications that appeared, they could not save the young man. The ex-wife of Dmitry Sophia said that he had heart problems.

Everything that happened is a terrible tragedy. The life of a young and full of strength man who could still live and live was cut short. Three small children were left without a father. The wife, albeit the former, lost a loved one. We sincerely condole with all of Dmitry’s family and friends with the entire editorial staff.

The ex-wife of Dmitry wrote a piercing and emotional post, from which tears welling up in my eyes. It’s so sad when such young people pass away …

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I came to you as a little 19-year-old Sonechka, and left as an adult and independent Sofia Stuzhuk. ⠀ Yes, we didn’t have a relationship. Yes, there were many problems. But this relationship gave so much to us🙏🏻 We have lived and experienced so much with you. You were there in sorrow and in joy. You taught me so much. For the rest of my life I will remain grateful to you for our three beautiful children For all the invaluable experience And for who I have become with you. You met me very young. An ordinary 19-year-old girl, a 2nd year student. He loved me as best he could. I took it to myself and took care of it as best I could. You gave me so many lessons. I grew up with you. You and I became the mother of three beautiful children and even one heavenly one. I learned to make important decisions with you. I learned with you to be an adult and independent. I became self-sufficient with you. I found my injuries and pains with you. I found something to work on. I found points of growth. I transformed madly. I became Sophia Stuzhuk. I constantly came up with something new and changed my mind a million times, and you accepted everything. You agreed to any of my moves mostly with enthusiasm. He always supported any of my ideas, always listened, listened and tried to understand. You were with me in the most difficult and most beautiful moments of my life. You and I have had the most wonderful experience in the world of the birth of our children. And your support has been invaluable. Yes, you have never been friends with the camera and told me about it yourself. But in life you have always guided me and often gave me necessary and wise advice🙏🏻 We have 6 years of full of events behind us. Dozens of travels, a lot of emotions. Lord, how bitter it is to me that you did not listen to me about health🙏🏻 But we always respected each other’s choices❤️ We were no longer together, but it hurts me no less. I’m so sorry I’m very sorry Thank you for everything, my important person, my main teacher, my guide, the father of my children You are our guardian angel and your love will always protect our angels How painful it is to realize Bright memory for you, Dima Stuzhuk 🙏🏻

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Why you shouldn’t underestimate the coronavirus

To some extent, this is due to the fact that many underestimate the severity of the epidemic situation. The coronavirus has greatly changed our life, turned it upside down. It is difficult to imagine something as destructive and pervasive as possible. Many skeptics still deny the obvious, but it’s hard not to notice what’s happening right in front of your nose.

It is impossible to say until the end what led to such consequences. Perhaps it was not worth giving up hospitalization, which the doctors insisted on. Still, we cannot be completely sure of the state of our body. Vulnerabilities can be discovered when you don’t expect it at all. Therefore, it is better to play it safe once again.

We’ve heard hundreds of stories already about what people do when they learn about the virus. Some run away from the hospital (or from the country, which also happened), while others continue to lead an active social life. Bad news affects people in different ways. However, I would like to urge our readers to take care of themselves and listen to doctors.

Dmitry wrote in his post: “Take care of yourself, your loved ones, wear masks and wash your hands more often. This is really important now. Now, more than ever, life is valuable to me, because I have three wonderful children “… Let his words serve as an incentive for you to take even more care of your health, not to commit rash acts and remember those for whom you are so important.

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