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Do I need to close the washing machine door? (Let’s analyze all the pros and cons)

Why should you close?

Undoubtedly, the doors of the washing machine must be locked during washing – otherwise the device simply will not start. But if there are small children and animals in the house, it is recommended to close the hatch even when the device is turned off.

The warning is written in all instructions for the machine and sounds like this: “Do not allow children or persons who are unable to assess the degree of danger during the operation of the device, to use the device, as this is dangerous to life and may cause injury.”

How to position a washing machine in a small bathroom?
  • An open washing machine can be of interest to both children and animals: toddlers can lock themselves inside or lock their pet.
  • Detergents left on the walls or in special compartments are also dangerous: if swallowed, they can cause poisoning.
  • A child who plays with a toy car without adult supervision may simply break the door by hanging on it.

It is difficult to find an open washing machine in professional interior photographs with designer renovations, but it is worth remembering that this is done only for the sake of aesthetics of the picture.

Why is it better not to close?

After washing, moisture remains in the machine: on the walls of the drum, in the trays for powder and conditioner, the rubber cover of the door, as well as in the drain pump and at the bottom of the tank. The water left inside serves as a favorable breeding ground for fungus and mold, which are difficult to get rid of later, and also contributes to the development of an unpleasant odor.

Powder residues accumulate in the detergent drawer over time – if it is not cleaned, a plug can form, which will interfere with the collection of detergents during washing.

Mold on rubber seal

For better air circulation after washing, open both the door and the detergent drawer. According to the masters of the service centers, a closed hatch allows water vapor to influence the metal parts of the equipment for a long time, bringing their repair closer. Also, moisture negatively affects the elasticity of the seal, and musty odors remain on the washed laundry.

One of the most common stories shared by netizens: the washing machine, left closed for the duration of the vacation of its owners, on arrival exuded such a pungent smell that it required the help of specialists and the replacement of some elements to get rid of it.

What to do after washing?

How to clean your washing machine with home remedies?

After completing the wash cycle, the door of the washing machine must be opened wide to evaporate the remaining moisture. The gasket and drum should be wiped clean at the end of each wash, taking care not to damage the rubber.

Keep the hatch and powder compartment open for two hours, and then leave them slightly ajar 5 cm. The room in which the device is located must be well ventilated. If there are small children in the house, the door can be opened at night.

Car care

The right attitude to the washing machine can extend its life and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

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